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Über uns

ECO²TERRA was created in the early 80´s as an informal network of scientists, researchers and development professionals, as well as concerned individuals having various backgrounds with the task to create awareness especially about the environmental problems in developing countries and to elaborate, promote and implement solutions. In 1986 ECO²TERRA was officially registered and in 1987 recognised as NGO, NGHA and charity, at first in the Federal Republic of Germany. ECO²TERRA Intl. is the Global Society for ECOlogy and sound ECOnomy, an independent, international civil society organisation (CSO), working as humanitarian agency (NGHA) as well as in development, if traditional values of first nation peoples are respected, their right to self-determination guaranteed, prior informed consent achieved and improved sustainability the outcome. We are committed to work for our common future, a better today and tomorrow on Earth (TERRA).

ECO²TERRA´s mandate is to care for the natural environment and to safeguard and improve environmental, nature´s, human and civil rights.

Our goal
The protection of life, of the bio- and ecospheres by means of environmental disaster prevention and response as well as crisis management is the overall goal of our work and rapid, direct and equal access to endangered areas and victims is mandatory.
Members as well as volunteers, associates, staff, donors and supporters of ECO²TERRA with their professional work, their personal involvement or by means of their contributions, commit themselves towards the preservation, active protection and sound development of the natural foundations of life forming the base for all people.

Our tasks
The basic tasks of the Association are the elaboration of solutions up front to safeguard nature and those people, who live with it in harmony, the promotion of research concerning environmental questions or concerning adapted technologies, and the transfer of existing or newly developed knowledge into practical work, in order to:
• prevent environmental degradation
• safeguard the intact environment
• preserve the diversity of fauna and flora
• protect first peoples and their natural habitat
• achieve a change in trend within damaged ecological systems
• maintain the optimum freedom for a decent life and a sound economy of people.
Thus, the priority tasks of ECO²TERRA are:
• to save endangered lives, safeguard biodiversity and protect ecosystems and habitats,
• to prevent, unveil and combat oppression or destruction of people, their natural habitat or of nature itself, and
• to improve the quality of life, whilst respecting and realising the interdependence of mankind with its undisturbed and intact, natural environment.

ECO²TERRA´s activities can range from operations in direct environmental disaster prevention and relief to long term integrated programmes and from research-projects and awareness creation campaigns to rehabilitation and development programmes.

Jackson Kilonzo is the Contact Person of ECO²TERRA Intl..

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work: nature and first peoples protection.