Social Care Youth Initiative- Rwanda (SCYI)

Nyamagabe,Southern Province

Ansprechpartner: Murava Fidele

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Über uns

Social Care Youth Initiative- Rwanda (SCYI) is a non-governemental, non-profit youth organization based in Southern province of Rwanda. We strive to improve both the living standards and development services for all Rwandans through advocacy, education, and training.

SCYI aims at promoting socio economic, cultural, environmental and human development in Rwanda. SCYI is conducting activities on poor and helpless people of the community in the area of health, poverty alleviation, rural development, gender issues, human rights, formal and informal education, human resource development and training, etc.

Our Vision:
To provide a ´youthful voice´ that seeks to address the numerous challenges facing leaders of tomorrow by effectively using young resourceful minds to influence the course of global policy formulation and development in a consistent and harmonized manner.

Our Mission is to:
• Provide young people with tools and resources for effective action;
• Educate and inform the youth on global issues;
• Inspire youth to take action;
• Encourage youth participation in global issues;
• Identify and build sustainable partnerships aimed at youth development.

Our objectives are:
• To build the capacity of Rwandan communities by providing ways to overcome crucial health barriers to all segments of Rwandan society. This includes advocating for the right to affordable healthcare services for all.
• To contribute to the fight against infectious and preventable diseases, including HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis, through education and empowerment of community members, local healthcare workers and patients.
• To educate young people, especially primary and secondary school youth, about human rights, reproductive health, family planning, HIV/AIDS, STIs, and drug and alcohol awareness.
• To support those who wish to serve disadvantaged communities through a sustainable, local and international volunteer program.

SCYI is currently running these programs in Rwandan Communities.
• HIV/AIDS Awareness, reproductive health and family planning program
• Malaria prevention program
• Hygiene, water and sanitation program
• Income generation program: Rabbit Rearing Project; Fair Trade Promotion, Coffee growing project; Bee Keeping Project; Small scale projects framework
• Gender empowerment program: The Gender Workshop; Educational visit and Follow-up of Gender workshop
• Human rights and peace program
• Conflict management program

Murava Fidele is the President of the Social Care Youth Initiative - Rwanda (SCYI).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.