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Über uns

The Landmark Foundation, founded in 2004, is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) facilitating the establishment and sustaining of conservation land uses in Southern Africa. The Landmark Foundation is a conservation NGO, registered as a Charitable Trust, as a Not-for-Profit Organisation, and has tax exempt status.

Projects include:
• Protected area expansion work,
• Tourism development,
• Local economic development that concentrates on conservation,
• Waste recycling,
• Renewable energy development,
• Water and Wetland Conservation, and
• Species conservation, specializing in top trophic level species, e.g. leopard

We work with many partners, from communities, private individuals and entities, government sector agencies and civil society groupings.

Our Work includes protected area expansion and consolidation, mitigations for climate change and desertification, social and economic upliftment through conservation solutions, waste recycling, species protection and projects leading to conservation-friendly land-uses, inclusive of water and wetland conservation.

• Leopard & Predator Project - Saving predators and securing biodiversity within agricultural and protected land of South Africa: It is a human-wildlife conflict mitigation programme that uses the leopard as its ecological “poster boy” in the campaign to conserve ecosystems on productive agricultural landscapes.
• Fair Game - Wildlife Friendly Products: This project flows from the Leopard and Predator project and encompasses the development of a wildlife-friendly produce brand leading to payment for ecosystem services as a tool in conservation and local economic development.
• Tsitsa Falls Adventure Tourism and Agriculture: This project is an anchor adventure tourism attraction and agriculture (hazelnut and cash crops) project in the Maclear in the Eastern Cape. The project seeks to be a catalyst for local economic development through conservation friendly tourism and agricultural activities that will be a model for sustainable development.
• Solar Solutions: This project proposes a new application of existing technologies to provide a solution to South Africa’s energy needs. This is a local economic development project targeting low income/unemployed households that give them access to energy and carbon markets, while contributing to renewable energy development and water saving efforts.
• Alien DIY Insulation Board Project: With innovative new technology, waste from alien plant eradication will produce insulation boards in housing for the poor.
• Landmark Wetlands: Landmark Foundation is developing several biodiversity restoration projects in key wetland areas in the Southern Cape.

Bool Smuts is the Director of the Landmark Foundation.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.