Gender Rights and Development


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Über uns

The founder of GERAD come from the Eastern part of Nigeria where women do not have the right to inherit their father's properties . Widows go through dehumanising treatments in the name of tradition. The male child is preferred to the female child etc. All these and many more human rights violations, deprevations and discriminations propelled the founder to go into this work of advocacy and development.

The mission of GERAD is:
· to organise women's human rights awareness creation programs,
· to organise meetings with legislators both on local government and state levels for reforms on legislations that are repungnant to widows, women including women with disabilities and girls,
· to encourage women to participate in politics and decision making,
· to surport and promote activities that enhance the income-generating skills of women,
· to offer scholarships for the educational development of girls.

Chinonye Emetoh is the Executive President of Gender Rights and Development.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can give an expert guidance through trained staff and establish new contacts in the field of our work.