Magdalene Human Service Initiative (MHSI)

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Über uns

Magdalene Human Service Initiative (MHSI) is a nonprofit humanitarian organization dedicated to providing international aid, services and support for the most vulnerable and marginalized individuals, families and communities in Africa.

Magdalene Human Service Initiative was established in 2012 by Phillip and Abeba, a married couple from the United States and Ethiopia (respectively). They established the organization after years of life and professional experience in least developed countries.

Our work:

• Research and Advocacy: Conducting research and reporting in the areas of social services and development; Engaging in governmental and public advocacy in the areas of social services and development
• Direct Services: Providing direct social services and financial/material support for the most vulnerable and marginalized individuals, families and communities in Africa
• External Project Funding: On a case by case basis, and depending on available funds, we will provide funding for social service and development projects initiated and implemented by local individuals and communities in Africa


Empowering Women: MHSI implements sustainable development and human services programs specifically designed to aid and empower women in Africa:

• Negat Program: "Negat" means Dawn in Amharic (Ethiopia). This program is a training program for marginalized and vulnerable young women. The program provides skills training to rural and urban young women that teaches the beneficiaries to maximize the use of available resources and contribute to a sustainable local development process.

• Enat Program: "Enat" means Mother in Amharic (Ethiopia). This program is a life changing self-help program for destitute young women and single mothers. The program provides skills training and one-time financial micro-grants that are necessary for the participants to start their own micro-scale businesses. The beneficiaries then receive ongoing support and monitoring. When applicable, they are also provided with financial assistance for their children´s school needs. Our aim in each case is that these micro-scale businesses will become the principal means of support and source of income that the beneficiaries need to become fully independent and self-sufficient.

• Ayat Program: "Ayat" means Grandmother in Amharic (Ethiopia). This program is a life saving support program for indigent elderly women. The program provides micro-scale continuous material and financial support for elderly women who cannot provide for themselves and do not have relatives who are able to care for them. This support supplements their basic living needs and allows them to live out their final years in safety and with dignity.

Empowering Orphans: MHSI provides support to orphanages and educational centers in Africa. We aid local organizations with the resources they need for sustainability and to improve their services:

• Hope Children´s Center: One of our local partner organizations is Hope Children´s Center in Uganda. It was established in 1994 by the local community in order to help alleviate the burdens faced by the growing number of children orphaned after the death of their parents due to HIV/AIDS. Orphans are usually left destitute with no home or prospects for education and development.

Phillip R. Barea is the Director of the Magdalene Human Service Initiative Inc. (MHSI).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.