Environmental Community Action ( ECO-Action)

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Über uns

ECO-Action was founded in 1989 with the understanding that environmental problems that threaten the health and quality of life of many communities are symptoms of larger problems rooted in political and economic inequalities. To this end, ECO-Action teaches people how to get solutions to their problems through education on the issues, skills development, organization, and community action.

ECO-Action is a non-profit organization promoting a safe and healthy environment by helping Georgia communities organize to confront environmental health threats

Our work is based on the intersection of three things --threats to human health, environmental degradation and social injustice. ECO-Action's mission is to help communities organize to confront environmental health threats. ECO-Action serves the general population, but we focus our assistance with communities who are in need of it the most –most often, rural residents, people with limited formal education, people with few resources, women, and people of color.

When communities are confronted with a potentially harmful facility or situation, they often don't know what their options are. At ECO-Action, we can help them:
• Research and communicate the issue
• Motivate their neighbors to take action
• Understand the processes and options
• Create an effective strategy
• Build alliances

ECO-Action has several programs aimed at making communities more aware and proactive about their environmental health.
• Community Organizing Assistance: Our work includes teaching the basics of organizing and developing an organizing strategy that helps transform a few individuals desire to “do something” for their communities into powerful action.
• Connecting Resources: ECO-Action teaches community groups the process and, in certain cases, connects them with intensive or specialized expertise including: scientists, engineers, public health experts, doctors, lawyers
• Leadership Development: We offer tailored training, workshops, Action Circles, mentoring, coaching and serving as a support system to leaders of community-based groups
• Need to Know Initiative: An “action education” program to inform and educate people on the adverse health effects of human exposure to toxics; and for people to take positive actions to stop the production, use and release of hazardous chemicals.

Yomi Noibi is the Executive Director of ECO-Action.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.