Assistance Mission for Africa (AMA)

Juba Office, Block 3-K South, Plot 165

Ansprechpartner: James Ninrew Dong

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Über uns

Assistance Mission for Africa (AMA), founded in 2002, is a National NGO operating in Unity, Lakes and Central Equatoria states of South Sudan. AMA is a Faith Based NGO, working to promote Human Rights.

AMA Vision:
A society where there is justice, hence communities and churches are self actualizing and there is development for all.

AMA Mission:
AMA exists to build the capacity of communities including churches to ensure there is peace equity and unity of purpose in upholding the Christian faith, accountability and transparency.
AMA exists to facilitate the role of communities and individuals in realizing a just, free, self actualizing and dignified lives.

AMA Strategic Direction:
• Livelihoods: Towards securing the livelihoods of communities, with the overall goal to facilitate the communities and individuals to develop capacity to earn enough income and meet their basic amenities and enable them to live dignified lives.
• Peace & Community Security: Towards sustainable Community Security and Peace including efforts for national cohesion, with overall goal to work with communities and other actors to realize peace and community security.
• Natural Resources Management: Towards participatory, efficient and considerate natural resources management and reduction of resource based conflict. The overall NRM goal is to undertake programs, processes and actions that contribute to sustainable utilization of natural resources for satisfaction of current and future generations.

AMA Strategic Objectives;
• Focusing on securing livelihood of communities through intervention aimed at food sovereignty including access to clean water and secured sanitation for communities we work with.
• Focusing on securing the well being of communities through interventions aimed at mitigating the effects and impacts of HIV and AIDs, and health facilities infrastructural development and nutrition.
• Focusing on empowering communities through enhancing their systems and structures, and education for good governance sustainability through developing education infrastructure, training in good governance and partnership with other actors particularly the government.
• Focusing on rehabilitation and reintegration through development of employment opportunities particularly for youth and assisting the returnees to settle.
• Focusing on information sharing empowerment through information technology especially –information sharing, harnessing the current technological advancement for AMA growth for e-rural development and community organizations.
• To further the vision, Mission and values and protect AMA identity and to harness energy and resources for formidable development organization.

James Ninrew Dong is the Executive Director at Assistance Mission for Africa (AMA).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.