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Über uns

The Maasai Girls Education Fund (MGEF) is a non for profit organization incorporated in the District of Columbia. We were founded in 2000 to improve the literacy, health, and economic well-being of Maasai women in Kenya and their families through education of girls and their communities.
MGEF is working to get more girls in school by offering scholarships to those who would otherwise not be able to get an education, and we are dedicated to keeping them in school until they have the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce in Kenya.

MGEF is based in Washington, DC, and we work with an independent community-based organization in Kenya to achieve our goals.

MGEF’s primary goal is to provide an opportunity for economic independence to every scholarship student, and consequently reduce poverty and improve the literacy, health, and economic well-being of all Maasai.
MGEF also organizes community workshops to address the social customs and cultural beliefs that prevent girls from getting an education.

MGEF activities focus on community participation and community education, which is an important part of our strategy to educate a generation of Maasai girls. While many Maasai men and women are passionate advocates for girls` education, many also adhere to traditional beliefs that deny girls that right.

• Scholarships: MGEF is committed to increasing enrollment of Maasai girls in Kenya and helping each student achieve economic independence by offering scholarships from primary school through secondary school, vocational school, or college. MGEF scholarships are all-inclusive and include room, board, tuition, uniforms and supplies.
• Community Participation - Partnering with the Community: MGEF organizes governance workshops and provides staff training for the Kajiado organization to strengthen their management skills and ensure good governance in our partner organization.
• Student Participation: Serving as role models for younger students, volunteering at the Kajiado organization, and attending workshops.
• Community Education - Life Skills Workshops for girls, boys, women, and men: These workshops directly address early marriage, teen pregnancy, FGM, violence against women, and HIV, all significant factors contributing to girls’ dropping out of school. Business trainings are also held, which offer women an opportunity to raise their economic status.

Ruya Norton is the Assistant to the President of the Maasai Girls Education Fund (MGEF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.