Serendipity Healthcare Foundation (SHF)

Suite 1, Ground Floor, 81 Emir Avenue
Sabon Gari, Kano

Ansprechpartner: Samirah Faruk



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Über uns

Serendipity Healthcare Foundation (SHF) is a CAC registered not for profit, non-governmental organisation founded in 2003 but established in 2009 as a direct social response to the healthcare issues pandemic in regards to gender in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. SHF is based in Kano but with appendices in Abuja and Niger States of Nigeria.

Our mission is to improve on healthcare delivery services from the grassroots level by increased awareness of basic hygienic systems and to facilitate the provision of safe drinking water, sanitation facilities and hygiene education to rural communities thus reduce water borne, viral and bacterial diseases and increasing life expectancy of women and children using best practices available.

Our vision is to see a Nigerian and ultimately African society where everyone has access to water and sanitation and better healthcare systems in order to live a longer, healthier fulfilled life hence increasing life expectancy rate with higher dividends on development.

Serendipity is a growing organisation poised at fighting poverty through provision of access to safe water, basic sanitation and hygiene education also through various sanitation programmes aimed at reducing the scourge of malaria in rural communities. We also run programmes with interventions in maternal and child health targeting safe pre and post natal care and nutrition of 0-5years of age of children, orphans and vulnerable children susceptible to HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis. Working in partnership with private organisations, governments, CBOs, other NGOs with similar thematic areas of focus

• Community Health Programmes: These are trainings carried out at the grassroots level on home management of ailments, recognition of signs and symptoms and what to do when there is no doctor around. This proves to be very effective in improving the health of the family through women and children who are the target group for our interventions.
• Advocacy: improving linkages between communities and their government, civil society and the private sector. In doing so, we promote improved local governance and corporate social responsibility strategies of corporate bodies.
• Consultancy services: We undertake consultancy services in developmental policies inclusive of designs of development plans for states and local government, gender mainstreaming, social economic research inclusive of research reliability tests and Environmental Studies inclusive of bio – remediation.

Samirah Faruk is the Executive Director of Serendipity Healthcare Foundation (SHF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.