Green Cross Australia (GCA)

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QLD 4003 Brisbane

Ansprechpartner: Cassie Grace

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Über uns

The company (Green Cross Australia or GCA) is a non-profit organisation that aims to foster a global values shift towards a secure and sustainable future, inspired by our founder Mikhail Gorbachev and his longstanding commitment to environmental conflict resolution and sustainable development.

GCA empowers people to respond to environmental change. Our focus is on natural disasters such as bush fires, cyclones, floods and longer-term change such as rising sea levels, heat waves and drought.

Our activities embrace eco-resilience by encouraging: prevention and protection before major events; a community response to extreme weather that galvanises community participation; and green renewal and resilient recovery in the aftermath of severe weather.

GCA endeavours to deliver outcomes working in partnership with community, business and government partners. Our business model values collaboration and builds on the GCA´s ability to catalyse big ideas and convene leaders across sectors towards common goals. We use world-class digital networks to leverage powerful community engagement with our activities.

Our mantra, Think + Act + Share = Change, is key to every project we deliver. We believe the power of our projects is empowering Australians to take practical, informed action. So we don´t just focus on awareness, we encourage people to take action, and then give them the tools via social and digital media to share their actions with their friends.

Our work addresses three of Australia´s greatest humanitarian, consumer and community building challenges:
• Preparing for the humanitarian impacts of climate change at home and in our region by adopting forward-looking policies and preventing conflict
• Closing the gap between green attitudes and practices by stimulating development of innovative products and services.
• Supporting and inspiring the community with practical assistance and sustainable reconstruction when environmental conflicts and disasters occur.

Our projects
We work with respected business, research, community and government partners to deliver world class digital projects that inspire Australians to take practical, informed actions towards a safe and sustainable world.
• Harden Up: Building resilience and protecting Queensland
• Build it Back Green: Sustainable building after the Victorian bushfires
• Green Lane Diary: Environmental education for school age children
• Witness King Tides: A community project raising awareness about sea level rise
• Future Sparks: Environmental education about clean energy resources
• Extreme Weather Hereos: Promoting emergency volunteering for youth

Cassie Grace is the Digital Communications Manager of Green Cross Australia.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.