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US Phone No. (650) 206-2539; Honduras Phone No. +504-221-6685; Guatemala Phone No. +502-7888-7022


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Über uns

The Riecken Foundation, founded in 2000, is a US-registered NGO based in the United States with Regional Offices in Honduras and Guatemala. The Riecken Foundation promotes democracy and prosperity in Central America through community libraries that awaken a spirit of discovery and foster citizen participation. Using principles of social entrepreneurship, the Riecken Foundation helps transform a simple building block – a community library with free Internet – into a springboard for democracy building, leadership development and social justice.

The Riecken Foundation’s vision is to use knowledge to open the door to individual opportunity, community development and the positive transformation of developing nations. The Riecken network consists of 64 modern community libraries, with 53 in Honduras and 11 in Guatemala. Equipped with quality books, new technology and highly-trained local staff, they propel communities into the bigger world, where they can both benefit from today's global interconnectedness and contribute to it. Riecken Community Libraries build a permanent bridge that allows the most vulnerable populations in Central America to cross into the global economy.

Leadership training and community service are key components of the Riecken library model. Signature programs, including reading promotion, youth leadership workshops and Internet research instruction, are supplemented by services customized to meet local needs. For some communities, that means rural mobile libraries and teen debate clubs. For others, it is carpentry workshops or GPS mapping of cultural heritage sites. Seven community libraries have even published their own bilingual books based on local Mayan oral traditions.

• Reading Promotion and Literacy
• Democracy Building
• Youth Clubs
• Culture and Identity
• Access to Information and Technology
• Leadership and Life Skills Development
• Volunteerism

Bill Cartwright is the President/CEO of Riecken Community Libraries based in Honduras.

Paul Guggenheim is the Country Director for Guatemala; Paco Alcaide is the Country Director or Honduras

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.