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LIGHT FOR THE WORLD is a European confederation of national development NGOs committed to saving eyesight, improving the quality of life and advocating for the rights of person with disabilities in the underprivileged regions of our world. How we help:

• Prevention of blindness: Since 20 years LIGHT FOR THE WORLD is actively involved in prevention of blindness and focuses on activities to ensure medical eye care for people in less advantaged regions and successfully helps to restore and save eyesight. In Burkina Faso, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Southern Sudan, Northeast-India and Pakistan, LIGHT FOR THE WORLD is engaged in national blindness prevention programmes to reach the goal defined by VISION 2020.

• Community Based Rehabilitation: LIGHT FOR THE WORLD supports 18 Community Based Rehabilitation Programmes in 7 countries. Trained rehabilitation field workers screen the villages for children with disabilities. Raising awareness is an important part of the daily work of a rehabilitation worker: the families often are ashamed to have a child with a disability, so it requires sensitivity to persuade them of the efficacy of therapy. They also inform the community about different kinds of disabilities, which therapy works best for them and how much children with disabilities can achieve.

• Education for everybody: LIGHT FOR THE WORLD advocates for the inclusion of children with disabilities in regular schools whenever possible. Inclusive Schools, the training of special education teachers and resource centers to provide assistance to educational institutions including children with disabilities are supported. Furthermore, support is provided for programmes providing technical skill trainings. Teachers trained in sign language, tutors for children with a learning disability and specific teaching material such as
Braille books are important prerequisites for inclusive education.

• Promoting the rights of persons with disabilities...:LIGHT FOR THE WORLD supports representative groups and disabled peoples organisations in partner countries to develop the capacities and knowhow to make their voices heard. LIGHT FOR THE WORLD complements this support by European and International level advocacy and lobby work aimed at the active inclusion of persons with disabilities in international development cooperation policies and programmes.

• Building Awareness...:LIGHT FOR THE WORLD dedicates its work to support persons who are blind or otherwise disabled in developing countries by providing medical assistance, building sustainable health structures, including persons with disabilities in their society and supporting them to participate in development programmes. This is only possible with the help of our donors and supporters in Europe. In various campaigns and events, LIGHT FOR THE WORLD informs the public about the situation of persons with disabilities and the worldwide need to take action.

For other net participants we can offer expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.