Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG)

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Über uns

The Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG) is an independent, not-for profit organisation established in 1991. We have offices in Cape Town and Nieuwoudville, South Africa.

Our focus is thus on helping to build democratic and fair decision-making processes that relate to the use and management of natural resources.

In pursuing our objectives, we work to:
• disseminate information, analysis and alternative viewpoints into the public domain, and to specific target audiences;
• facilitate spaces for mutual learning, dialogue and effective action; and
• demonstrate best practice through building partnerships, facilitating action research and promoting dialogue.

Through our work, we hope to encourage environmental practices that lead to a more human relationship with each other and the natural environment.

EMG´s work can be divided into 4 broad areas:
• Climate Change: EMG´s work in this field is primarily focused on questions of climate change adaptation and includes: working with community groups to explore their vulnerability to the potential impacts of climate change and ways of responding; working with other NGOs in the development field to explore both reducing the carbon-footprint of their activities, and how their work may be impacted by climate change; raising awareness of the links between natural resource management and climate change; lobbying and advocacy for policies which build more resilient communities and minimize global warming.
• Fair Trade: EMG´s work in this field aims to: ensure fair trade´s enviromental standards are appropriate and encourage sustainable forms of agricultural production; strengthen the voice of small-farmers and farm-workers in the fair trade system; ensure that the fair trade system in practice remains true to its stated principles.
• Rural Development: Our work with rural communities aims to illustrate the value of participatory approaches that draw on inherent resources, build problem-solving capacity, and develop the base for sustainable livelihoods. At the same time the programme aims to develop arguments for better policy and practice that promote effective adaptation to climate variability and address land degradation while maintaining biodiversity, agricultural productivity and local livelihoods.
• Water and Climate Change: EMG works to build responses to climate change in the water sector that are just, human-scale, ecologically sensitive, empowering and effective. The responses are both to build resilience (adaptation) and to reduce water´s contribution to global warming (mitigation).

Stephen Law is the Director of the Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.