Joy for Humanity

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Lwengo, Masaka

Ansprechpartner: Joseph Lukwago

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Über uns

Joy For Humanity is a Non-Profit Organization located in the rural area of Kyazanga, Lwengo District in Uganda - East Africa, which was founded in 2006 to provide practical solutions to Poverty to people living below the Poverty Line.

Mission is to empower Ugandans living below the poverty line, especially children, women and youth, learn how to earn an income, using a "learning-by-doing" methodology, which allows them to meet their basic needs and lead healthy, productive, and dignified lives.

We envision a day when all Ugandan households, working together in mutual understanding and collaboration with Government, Non-Profit Organisations (both within and outside Uganda), and business sector, will earn a minimum annual income of at least UGX 35,000,000 (USD 10,000), enabling them to access basic needs such as shelter, food, clothing, health, education and a decent form of transport.

Joy For Humanity has four key areas of focus:
• Health Improvement: Joy For Humanity strives to improve the health conditions of children and adults in rural communities. This is done through projects in Basic Hygiene, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Malaria etc
• Care for Orphans & Underprivileged Children: Joy for Humanity was initiated as a response to the overwhelming number orphaned underprivileged children and vulnerable women in Uganda, whose lives have been destroyed by poverty, disease and war. To rescue the situation, Joy For Humanity uses the family housing project for orphans, educates and also trains them in Bright Hearts Principles.
• Mindset: In all our programs mindset is key because we believe that if people have to change themselves, their minds and behaviours have to first change the existing day-to-day life approach. We aim at facilitating sustainable change and development where people can take charge of their own development processes. In Mindset we emphasize three Principles of Diligence, Self-help and Cooperation.
• Skills Development: Is aimed at providing education and developing practical, vocational skills through the "Learning-by-Doing" methodology. Our education model goes beyond classroom instruction. We offer programs that are geared to the development of the whole person both in our school and in the broader community. For the broader community and the World, we have the Bright Heart Program for Human Enrichment which is a Program that instils in the children universally agreed principles of Courage, Compassion, Truth, Justice, Freedom and Peace. This gives the children a sense of identity as young peacemakers and hope for themselves and the world. We also provide opportunities for practical adult education, community empowerment programs, parenting skills, Bbsiness management, leadership training, HIV/AIDS education, first aid care training, etc.

• Through Joy For Humanity, Bright Heart Children program was introduced in the school to teaches children to live with six universal principles of courage, compassion, truth, justice, freedom and peace.
• Plans are underway to establish a Modern Secondary School in 2022 that will help to take up the Primary Leavers who at times fail to continue their education due to lack of necessary requirements even after attaining best grades at Primary level.
• Joy For Humanity also plans to establish Uganda Innovation Centre (UIC), a "smart" centre that will work as a model for young technology innovators and entrepreneurs in Uganda.

Joseph Lukwago is the Founder & CEO of Joy For Humanity.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.