The Hand of Change (THoC)


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Über uns

The Hand of Change (THoC) is a non-profit organization based in Senega that seeks to join the global action towards promoting sustainable development. Created early in 2013, it serves as a platform that provides opportunities for young people (students, workers, jobseekers, etc…) to think, plan and act directly or indirectly towards the development of their various communities as well as their own personal development.

THoC envisions empowering youths to take responsibility for their personal development and that of their communities.

THoC is interested in issues related to:
• Education & Youth Leadership
• Environmental Sustainability
• Wealth Creation & Poverty reduction
• Gender Equality & Women Empowerment
• Innovation (Creative Initiative)

The Hand of Change (THoC) is an organization that approaches development issues from a global point of view but acts locally. Our approach to development is direct and focused more on capitalizing on the hidden potentials, creative minds and solidarity-oriented spirits of the African youths in view of transforming these into concrete, beneficial and sustainable actions for development.
We in THoC believe that if we all put our hands together, we can bring can bring about sustainable change and long lasting impact. No hand is too small to bring about change!!!
THoC seeks to serve as a platform of opportunities for young people to make an impact in their community through promoting education for all, protecting and living in harmony with our environment, contributing to the fight against poverty, bridging the gap that exist in gender equality and women empowerment, and promoting innovative actions for development, so as to make Africa a better place to live in.

• The Youth Career Orientation Program (YCOP) aims at creating an environment where young people are in direct contact and receive face-to-face orientation from professionals and succesful persons who are leaders in the domains which the youth aspires to pursue as career. By so doing, these youths shall have concrete feedback and directions on what it takes to pursue such a career, on if they are on the right track and how they can meet up with the challenges associated with pursuing that career option. In this way, there shall be an increase in the awareness level of youths about the reality of their career options, what skills they need to develop, what loop holes lie ahead and how they can better prepare themselves for the future.
• FEEL Africa Academy: It aims at enabling children ages 10 to 15 years old to discover and develop what they are really passionate about in life so as become independent and responsible adults living fulfilling lives. The academy uses these main focus areas to explore the inner strengths of children; Entrepreneurship, Leadership. Through the whole passion discovery process, children develop core skills such as empathy, effective communication, creativity, problem solving and good decision making.
• Generation Recyclage: Through this project we help young people develop business and entrepreneurship skills around recycling as a whole. Our main focus right now is on working with corporates under the CSR policies to recycle their ink cartridges which is at the same time economical and environment saving for the company as well as reducing unemployment challenge of young people.

Belinda Njefi is the President & Founder of the Hand of Change (THoC).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.