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Ansprechpartner: Denny Rymer

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Über uns

Offering a New Vision and a New Hope

Philippine Outreach or The Children Life Project (TCLP) is a USA founded Non Profit, 501 [c] 3, Christian Organization working to save the lives of Children. We support and are partner with, “LAMP Foundation International”
LAMP is a National Philippine based organization working in several Asia Countries.

Lamp operates and manages the Joint Operation Center,(JOC)Philippines. We offer a full range of services and expertise. The LAMP JOC is a Philippine Management System for Humanitarian Projects. The JOC is made up of several local and World Organizations. This collective effort present s as a shared resource where we can offer final solutions with-in our projects. We share resources of equipment and we help to produce funding.

What we have done:
We have been involved since January 2000 in feeding programs, medical and building projects overseas. We just finished a Haiti Medical Clinic from our USA branch. Here in the Philippines, LAMP operates and manages The Joint Operation Center. This is a Management system for humanitarian projects. We are now setting up the “JOC Medical Network".
We are builders and we provide management systems for our involvement and support for children services.

Gateway Program: is a volunteer gateway into Asia countries. It is both for project workers and groups who wish to invest and become involved. We support projects, entry, lodging and transportation. The JOC is a project provider. Groups work with us to set projects and use our services.

Denny Rymer is the president and CEO of The Children Life Project., Philippine Outreach, Inc.
Denny Rymer World Project Director, CEO - LAMP {Love Asia Mission Partners} Foundation International.
Dr. Fritz Cobrado, President LAMP, Philippines - Management TCLP Organization, USA

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

This is a picture of a child in our web site, She is one of many that needs our help in this area in General Santos City, Philippines.
Denny Rymer Founder and President, CEO