Youth Harvest Foundation Ghana (YHFG)

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Ansprechpartner: John Kingsley Krugu

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Über uns

The Youth Harvest Foundation Ghana (YHFG) is a youth focused Non-Governmental Organization which is also non-partisan and with no religious affiliation. The Foundation was founded in 2002 with head office based in Bolgatanga in the Upper East region of Ghana. The guiding believe is that helping the deprived youth of the north of Ghana to conserve and develop their physical and mental strength through education, entrepreneurial training and improved living conditions is the right way to ensure their viability to society and fight poverty.

Our vision
It is our vision to enable self-reliant and self-sufficient youth living in a more equal, healthy and prosperous society.

With different project activities, our current focus is on working with community partners and youth groups to:
• gather evidence to advocate nationally for policies and resources that address young people´s rights to sexual and reproductive health, and continue to address controversial issues such as forced marriages, safe abortion, harmful and coercive practices;
• improve access to comprehensive services that are responsive to the rights and needs of young people and other vulnerable groups;
• address socio-cultural and economic barriers using a rights-based approaches, and tackling issues outside the health sector, especially skills training to provide economic empowerment and market access for income generation.
• support research, monitoring and evaluation and apply knowledge and lessons learnt in policy advocacy.

• To support and promote the sexual and reproductive health of young people by providing evidence-based interventions and supporting rights-based advocacy activities
• To support and promote skills development in young people, with a focus on entrepreneurship, employable and social skills towards addressing youth unemployment.
• To empower marginalized actors in agri-business value chains to take advantage of potential opportunities to improve market conditions for everyone and reduce poverty on a large scale

Programmes and projects:
• Education: Girls Remedial School project; Youth Harvest football club
• Adolescents sexual and reproductive health and rights: Youth body rights advocacy project: Friendship, Love and Sexual Health (FLASH) programme: An Interactive Comprehensive Sex Education Programme for Junior High Schools in Ghana; Sexual and reproductive health classes
• Entrepreneurial and employable skills: Computer training center; STEP-UP: The Seamstresses Training Enterprise project (STEP UP) was initiated with the main goal of reducing poverty among young seamstresses and giving them control over their own lives; Zaare Smoothiebar: Zaare Smoothie bar is a Bolgatanga based social enterprise that provides a diverse line of juices, smoothies, coffee, tea and small food products (toasties) to customers in its targeted market.
• Agri-business and market system development: CARI/GROW project: The Competitive African Rice Initiative (CARI) is a GIZ supported project which is being implemented in Ghana and in other parts of Africa with the main focus on the rice value chain.

John Kingsley Krugu is the Executive Director of the Youth Harvest Foundation Ghana (YHFG).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.