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Über uns

Peace Dialogue NGO, founded in 2009, was registered in Armenia with the mission to unite experienced peace activists of countries such as Armenia, Russia, Georgia, Germany and the Netherlands in order to support the active participation of civil society in the processes of peaceful conflict transformation through respectful multilevel dialogue among members of conflicting societies.

Our belief is that dialogue is the only way to clearly express our interests, develop symbiotic collaborations and find ways to achieve a lasting peace.
The long-term goal is to promote understanding and prevent new conflicts.

Our vision is that through the formation of these multilayer dialogues we will create a consciousness among members of society so that they themselves are responsible for peace and that they are fully vested with the right to demand peace from the authorities.

Four main strategic directions:
• Development of peace-building and civil potential,
• Development of respect for human rights and democratic values,
• Promotion of civil peace initiatives, and
• Advocacy on behalf of victims of conflicts.

• We have a right to know the truth about the death of our children: The video campaign will consist of a series 30-second video-interviews with members of the families of soldiers who died in the army in non-combat conditions.
• A video manual on your "CONSCRIPTION NOTICE"
• Partnership was established between Russian and Armenian human rights defenders.
• The members of the theatre of the oppressed club presented their first performances for the students in Vanadzor
• Fair court has issued its first verdict: During the simulated court trial regarding the death of a soldier, the audience took on the roles of all parties and strove to achieve justice for their characters.
Capacity Building:
• Arena - Community theatre and public art: The project aims at creating a network of civil society representatives and independent artists from the above mentioned countries. Analysis of own experience workshop; Learning from experience.
• Young women see a new role in society as members of the military: The goal of the workshops was to change public perception and awareness about stereotypes of social roles with a focus on understanding the importance of equal opportunities for both sexes.
• The History-Theatre workshop in Tbilisi
• Me and My Story: Workshop on documentary filmmaking
Human Rights & Democratization
• Public discussion on human rights in the RA armed forces held in Vanadzor
• The perspective of Armenian Youth on current political and civic developments
• How democratic and peace-minded are we? The training course aimed at creating controversies and alternative situations on equality and freedom, the principles of democracy, the majority and minority issues.
Support for Civil Peace Initiatives
• Yelena, Yehuda and "Peace Fighters": Through workshops, discussions, and exhibitions organized within the framework of this project, NGO representatives from different countries have for many years spread the stories of people who work for peace and human rights
• Young women´s leadership workshop
• The Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the Republic of Armenia discussed the peculiarities of the Northern Ireland conflict with the representatives of NGOs, political parties, and media, as well as young people.
• South Caucasus peace organizations develop a strategy of joint activities
• Our Tree of Indifference: The aim of the event was to raise awareness, give citizens an opportunity to learn about the numerous problems in our country, and think again about the situation we are in.

Edgar Khachatryan is the Director of Peace Dialogue.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Human Rights in the Armenian Armed Forces
ARENA: Community Theatre and Public Art is a three-year project launched in 2015. The project is aimed at improving the impact of peace building on both the local and regional levels through developing creative, art based strategies that have been proven to be locally suitable but which have cross-cultural implications. ARENA is creating a safe and supportive platform and network for civil society actors from the Caucasus Region, Russian Federation and Ukraine in order to further empower civil society groups to develop joint strategies and methodological tool-kits to continue their work, based on the principal of ‘do no harm’. ARENA: Summer School for Peace and Art will be organized this year in the framework of the project. The Summer School is for activists, independent artists, and creative people from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine. From 7th to 16th July of 2016, the project implementing team will organize a fully funded 10-day Summer School in Georgia. - See more at: