Social Ecological Institute (SIE)

Raszyńska 32/44
02-026 Warszawa

Ansprechpartner: Sonia Priwieziencew

+48 22 668 97 92
+ 48 22 668 97 92


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Über uns

The Social Ecological Institute (SIE) is a not for profit organization, registered in 1990, which leads and supports ecological initiatives in Poland. We provide professional help to a diverse range of ecological programs and activities, and strive to strengthen the development of the civil society in Poland. One of our main goals is the sustainable development of the polish countryside, and the conservation and dissemination of agricultural biodiversity.

Projects related to agricultural biodiversity:
• Project Farm biodiversity model for Kurpie region, as an element of protection of genetic resources of farm animals and local species of plants, and support of local community
• Support for local food processing
• Monastery gardens
• New polish orchards of old varieties
• Traditional rural flowers gardens
• We organize each year the “stand of traditional food products” at the big annual “Day of the Earth” public event in Warsaw.
• We have created of a label for products from agricultural biodiversity.
Projects focused on international exchange and cooperation:
• Poland - Germany - Belarus: Common ways of Sustainable development
• Creating producers groups using the nature and organic potential as a way to increase revenues of farmers in Georgia.
• Promoting civil society involvement and participation over monitoring nuclear energy developments and energy policies decisions.
Projects for building civil society and sustainable development:
• Building a partnership for sustainable development “Green Bridges of Narew” between 3 rural communes in Mazovia region.
• Between Bug and Narew- a partnership for sustainable development
• A model ecotourism network between Bug and Narew, aiming at writing an ecotourism development strategy for the region, creating a Polish Ecotourism Certification system, and creating a regional tourism product.
• GMO monitoring and information campaign
• The Responsible Consumers campaign with the Polish Green Network

Sonia Priwieziencew is responsible for international contacts of the Social Ecological Institute (SIE).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.