The Rose Foundation (RF)

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Über uns

The Rose Foundation (RF) is a domestic violence prevention organisation set up to deal with the problem of domestic violence in Kenya, using the public health approach.
Since the 1980´s, domestic violence has been recognized as a public health issue, a departure from the traditional thinking of it being only a human rights issue.
Through the public health approach, the collective action of different sectors such as health, social services, judiciary, education, and religion can be harnessed to prevent and alleviate domestic violence.
The preventative approach looks beyond dealing with the immediate outcomes of violence and seeks measures to prevent violence before it happens. Primary prevention in domestic violence involves giving priority to the activities that promote conductive non-violent environments. For example, giving parents skills in dealing with family relationships by resolving conflicts amicably, teaching children to resolve conflicts without using violence and helping teenagers form healthy relationships.

We believe that domestic violence is preventable. We are pro-family. We believe in preservation of life – safety first. We believe we cannot win the war against domestic violence without men. We believe every man, woman and child has an inherent dignity and that dignity must be protected.

Our vision for the foundation is to see that domestic violence ends.

The Mission of RF is to see that individuals, agencies and communities engage in preventative efforts to stop domestic violence before it starts and help the society and specifically the church to be fully engaged in preventative efforts within communities.

• The Rose Foundation creates awareness of domestic violence through mass media and public speaking engagements, social education, outreach and training in all sectors of society.
• RF offers training to churches, schools, and institutions to help them recognize domestic violence and prevent it before it starts.
• In addition, RF seeks to support educational institutions in the development and implementation of curricula on domestic violence that educates the society in dealing with the problem of domestic violence.
• RF will create a vehicle of collaborative efforts of churches, schools, institutions, the judiciary and government to prevent domestic violence.
• The foundation also offers support and consultancy to other agencies that offer domestic violence services in Kenya.
• Partnerships: We seek partnerships in and out of Kenya in offering meaningful solutions, as we act locally and think globally. We can learn from the experiences of others around the world, knowing that we need to protect the family unit in order to conserve nations.

Esther Kisaghu is the Chairperson of the Rose Foundation (RF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.