Social and Healthy Action for Rural Empowerment (SHARE)

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Über uns

Social and Healthy Action for Rural Empowerment (SHARE), founded in 2003, is an Indian NGO that aims to assist the underprivileged, disadvantaged communities living in remote hilly areas of the country.
SHARE organizes health and medical camps, awareness drives and education campaigns, and works on water related issues and training programs designed to help villagers improve their standard of living through income generation.

To strike at the root cause of poverty, deprivation and backwardness in order to ensure optimum utilization of available human, natural and institutional resources.

• To promote sustainable development
• To empower women, youth and child
• To promote health, education and environment
• To conserve natural resources
• To promote agro based industries
• To provide training and technical support
• To work on water and sanitation
• To work on development of forestry
• To preserve tradition
• To undertake income generation activity

Programs and projects:
• Socio-Economic empowerment of Leprosy affected people
• Jharkhand Tribal Development Program: The objective is to develop and implement a replicable model that ensures household food security and improves livelihood opportunities and overall quality of life of the tribal population based on the sustainable and equitable use of natural resources.
• Livelihood Program/Vocational Training
• National Environment Awareness Campaign: To raise awareness on climate change
• Legal Awareness Workshop
• Rajeev Ghandi National Creche Program: Providing day care, primary education and nutrition facility to the children of working women.
• Behavioral Change Communication: SHARE along with UNICEF dissemate the message about 4 key issues on health: hand washing, girls´ education, breast feeding and HIV/AIDS; through video show in order to raise awareness and to improve their level on health, education and livelihood.
• SHG Promotion Program: Women empowerment through income generation and SHG formation; promotion of income generation activity among SHGs and capacity building in preparing handicraft items
• Water & Sanitation: To provide safe drinking water and test metal content in water; Construction of low cost toilets to inculcate a sense of awareness about sanitation.

Vinay Rajan Saraswati is the Director of Social and Healthy Action for Rural Empowerment (SHARE).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.