Tamir Welfare Organization (TAMIR NGO)

P-138, Street No.2, Mian Colony, PC#2

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Über uns

The Tamir Welfare Organization (TAMIR NGO) was registered with Social Welfare Dept. Faisalabad on 23rd October, 1996. Aims & objectives:

- Strengthen the rural and urban community through self-reliance activities.
- Promote self-determination of community members especially economically poor women, children and disabled people.
- Develop self-sustainable programme of education, health and disability in the community.

Some of its projects and activities:

In the year 1998, a partnership between Tamir Welfare Orgnization and 'Leonard Cheshire International' U.K (LCI) was established with a view to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities in Pakistan. This partnership between Tamir (NGO) and Leonard Cheshire is called Tamir Cheshire Community Programme. During the years 1998-2001, Leonard Cheshire supported small-scaled projects for disabled people, capacity building and training of staff of Tamir including a motorized rickshaw for disabled people and a tailoring project.

The CBR project funded by Community Fund U.K .Support has been provided since three years in a small area of two urban slums in the southern part of Faisalabad. The project was funded by the Community Fund U.K for the period 2001- 2004. This project was resourced through the Leonard Cheshire International U.K. This project addresses the needs of disabled people and the families in some of the poorest areas in Faisalabad. The project worked directly with more than 490 disabled people particularly children in the low income and urban slum areas of Faisalabad. We helped disabled people and local community through medical, educational, vocational, economical and social rehabilitation services. Community awareness programmes and mobile health camp services were the main components of CBR Project.

Along with CBR activities we have also developed service delivery centre i.e. community clinic, sewing centre, family planning health service, TB referral programme, 25 Adult Literacy Centers, early identification and intervention in physiotherapy center, Lyallpur Cheshire orthopaedic workshop'.

Stephen Anjum is the President of the organization.

For other net participants we can offer expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, deliver a lecture, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.