Matonyok Nomads Development Organization (MANDO)

P.0. B0X 27643, Magadi Road
0100 Nairobi

Ansprechpartner: Michael Sayo

+254 724 415 793; +254733948648


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Über uns

Matonyok Nomads Development Organization is a not for profit organization registered under Non – Governmental Organization Coordination Board in Kenya (E.A.) as a Non – Governmental Organization (NGO) operational in Kajiado, Narok and Trans Mara Counties.

MANDO is an indigenously founded organization that began its work in 2007, as an initiative of native born-children from the Kajiado area. Upon realization of challenges their community always seemed to face, this group undertook numerous sensitizations by the central government and set up an organization whose background would be to collectively address community challenges for a better life.

MANDO has a vision of realizing an improved standard of Maasai Pastoralist communities that are literate, with secured livelihoods and reduced vulnerability to poverty Its mission in keeping its vision is to enable the Maasai pastoralist’s communities to eradicate illiteracy and poverty by overcoming the injustice and inequity that causes them for improved livelihoods.

Our schedules of programs include:
• Improvement of the educational status of the people in the focal areas
• Promoting the set up of income generating activities
• Improvement of health services
• Women and child rights advocacy
• Support and care for Orphaned/Vulnerable Youths and Children.
• Water and Sanitation
• Microfinance Loan Programme
• Networking and partnership with related agencies

Michael Sayo is the Project Leader of MANDO.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, deliver e lecture, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.