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Ansprechpartner: Yuriy Valuev

+994 12 440 58 19, Mobile: +994 (50) 343 45 89


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  • Umweltprojekt
  • Bildungspolitik/-projekt

Über uns

Youth social public ecotourism organization (Piligrim) was founded in December 1998 and had registration by Azerbaijan department of justice. The non-governmental organization Piligrim carries out own activity on Azerbaijan area, to develop youth tourism and environmental protection. NGO "Piligrim" is based on voluntary employment.

The creation of NGO "Piligrim" has involved the youth in activity useful to a community. The ecotourist race is an ecologically aware wilderness expedition race. Teams of experienced back country adventurers, men and women combined, race across a vast area of majestic terrain using only a map, a compass and their combined with. Successfully finishing requires teamwork, endurance, spirit and compassion.

"Piligrim" carries out ecological educational work and environmental protection and involves local people in that activities.

Its main goals are:

- development of youth tourism,
- popularization of a healthy mode of life,
- cooperation with local and international ecological groups for work in ecotourism and environment protection.

For other net participants we can procure an expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work. Further we can offer exchange of experience and joining our activity.