The Doctors United Charitable Trust

3rd Floor, Daffodil Apartments, Airport Main Road, Lawspet
605008 Pondicherry

Ansprechpartner: Navneeth Selvan

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Über uns

The Doctors United Charitable Trust (DUCT) is a non-profit organization established 2012 to provide free medical services and standard education to the poor and needy along with creation of environmental and social awareness in the society.

Our vision is to create a system that enables to unite all doctors and philanthropists from all sections of the community to join their hands together in serving the poor and needy.

The mission of DUCT is to provide free quality medical treatment to all sections of community through a team of competent, committed and compassionate professionals in a patient-friendly environment.

• To provide relief in all possible ways to the poor, needy and the socially or economically under privileged sections of the society by providing modern equipped medical facility at affordable costs and undertake total care of the poor patients of by providing food, medicines, transport, prostheses, counseling and social welfare
• To provide financial assistance, grants, aids and give free medical aid including the distribution of free vaccines, medicines, injections, tonic, nutritious food, spectacles, etc and financial assistance to the poor, needy and the socially or economically backward sick people.
• To conduct free medical camps, medical screening programs, blood donation camps, eye donation camps, etc in rural and urban areas.
• To prevent all kinds of diseases and epidemics and improve health by inoculation, provision of nutritious diet to the poor, needy and the socially or economically backward people.
• To conduct camps and awareness programs to create awareness about family planning, cancer, HIV/AIDS, voluntary donation of blood, eyes and other parts of human body.
• To provide, grant medical relief during natural calamities, such as famine, earthquake, tsunami, flood, fire, pestilence and other occasions of calamities of similar nature and to give donations, subscriptions or contributions to other institutions, establishments or persons to serve the sick, infirm and disabled during such relief work.
• To provide medical, emotional, psychological, social and medical support to senior citizens by setting up various drop-in centers, senior citizen homes, old-age homes and other entertainment centers so that these highly honorable but neglected people are taken care.
• To establish, acquire, take over, run, maintain, support, and/or grant aid in cash and/or kind to orphanages, creches, child care centres, children´s homes, old age homes, widows homes, homes for the blind, deaf, dumb, rehabilitation centres for the physically challenged/handicapped or mentally retarded people, hostels, short stay homes, counseling centers and help line centers for women, children, old aged persons, drug addicts and needy persons and/or such other similar charitable institutions for the benefit and use of the poor, needy and socially or economically backward people and the general public.
• To conduct and encourage health education and awareness camps, seminars, workshop in schools, colleges, rural and urban areas.

Navneeth Selvan is the Founder & Managing Trustee of The Doctors United Charitable Trust (DUCT).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.