Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Foundation (STIN Foundation)

near Freetown Junction
Old Yundum Kunkujang Keitaya, West Coast Region

Ansprechpartner: Fatou Gaye , Sheikh Baye Nyang (Gambia), Daniela Hausdorf (Germany)

+220 77 44 796; +220 351 08 41


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From manual blood counting to fully equipped laboratory – we are building testing capacities

In 2018, we opened a small laboratory within the clinic, with a part-time Lab Technician and only basic tests. Even blood tests, we had to do manually.
Nevertheless, our lab was growing fast: in 2019, we hired a full-time Lab Tech, and added a binocular microscope and an incubator to the lab.
For 2020, we set fundraising priorities on lab extension. Because, it would save us from outsourced tests, and increase revenues, instead. But the Covid-19-pandemic set a temporary end to that priorities.
However, luck sometimes comes unexpected: In May 2020, partnering Health and Education Gambia Charity was approached by a foundation, which found our work supportable and donated 1.500 € to use for extension of our laboratory. We contacted a Gambian distributor of test-kits and lab equipment. Since July, our laboratory offers tests for e.g. malaria and pregnancy, urine analysis and liver func

Über uns

In 2012, Fatou Gaye founded together with family and friends in Kunkujang Keitaya, The Gambia the Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Foundation (STIN Foundation), to shelter her women-focused clinic and a girls’ shelter (Darra, as the name for children’ shelters is in Gambia).

The Foundation operates a well-frequented, not-for-profit clinic with delivery room & maternity ward offering all services from antenatal, via delivery to postnatal check up including immunization programs and laboratory tests. Moreover, they serve the community with general medical treatments.
Clinic incomes, together with support from The Gambia and from abroad, maintain a girl’s Darra, an intermittent, permant or temporarly home for appr. 50 girls of all ages, who not only live with Fatou Gaye as her own children but also all attend schools and grew up with the values of the Holy Q’ran as taught by Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass.

Our Foundation's work focus on (1) medical service on affordable prices, (2) support in all pregnancy- and motherhood-related issues, and (3) support of vulnerable girls by operation a girls shelter:

• Clinic: Opening hours 24 / 7; 2 doctors, 3 midwives, 3 nurses, 6 nurse attendance & many others; Delivery room & Maternity ward; Pharmacy, Laboratory, Scanning room, Dressing room, ultrasound; Fully equipped ambulance car for safe & attended transports to hospitals; Immunization & scanning programs; proved practical trainings for nurses and midwives to be

• Midwife service: Registration for birth; Monthly antenatal check-up and consultation; Continuously attended childbirth; Emergency transport to hospital; Postnatal care; Vaccination programs; Family planning

• Community work: Free first aid and general treatment for students during school hours; Reduced treatment fees for teachers; Volunteering program for nurses in training

• Darra: Girl’s Shelter & Q’ran School: Caring home for ca. 50 girls of all ages; School attendance on all levels; Q’ran lessons; Full medical treatment & immunization; 2 nannies, 3 teachers & 3 cooks

Fatou Gaye is the Founder of Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Foundation and Daniela Hausdorf is it’s Ambassador.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Our girls' shelter offers safe emergency places for girls in need, also for other net participants clients.

We offer internships.