Get Bear Smart Society (GBS)

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Über uns

The Get Bear Smart Society (GBS) is a registered Canadian charity that works hard to ensure people and bears safely and respectfully coexist wherever their homes and home ranges overlap.
The Get Bear Smart Society is a collaboration of staff, board members, advisors, partners and supporters in British Columbia and across North America. Together, we are helping to create a paradigm shift in people's attitudes toward bears, which will allow bears and people to coexist in harmony.

This inevitably improves public safety, limits property damage and reduces the number of bears that needlessly die each year as a result of these preventable conflicts.

We accomplish our mission by:
• educating people about how to prevent human-bear conflicts in and around their homes, neighbourhoods and communities;
• helping policymakers find cost-effective solutions to the challenges of creating Bear Smart communities, including the implementation of effective conflict management policies and regulations and bear-proof waste management systems;
• promoting innovative and practical non-lethal bear management practices.

Human-bear conflicts can lead to property damage, bear deaths and/or relocations, and in rare cases, human injuries and/or fatalities. The good news is that almost all human-bear conflicts are preventable by ensuring all homes, neighbourhoods and communities are Bear Smart.

The Get Bear Smart Society (GBS) accomplishes this through four main programs:
• Bear Smart Education: GBS works hard to educate the general public, non-governmental organizations, government agencies (parks, environment, wildlife) and law enforcement officials (RCMP, municipal bylaw officers, conservation officers) about what they can do to Bear Smart their homes and communities. The heart of our education program is to educate people who live, work and play in bear country to reduce bear attractants.
• Non-Lethal Bear Management: Regular training sessions teach bear managers, conservation officers and police officers across B.C. and throughout North America how to use non-lethal bear management techniques to improve public safety, reduce property damage and minimize bear deaths. Habitat management, birth control and diversionary feeding are also essential components in the non-lethal bear management toolkit.
• Bear Smart Communities: Bear-proof waste management systems, appropriate municipal bylaws and policies, and collaborative working groups that involve everyone from bylaw enforcement and conservation officers to biologists and municipal officials are essential components of Bear Smart communities. GBS provides information, training and consultation to various non-government organizations, government agencies, bear managers, and municipal decision makers throughout North America.
• Bear Smart Whistler: The resort community of Whistler is home to the Get Bear Smart Society, 10,000 residents, more than two million annual visitors, and about 100 black bears.

Sylvia Dolson is the Executive Director of the Get Bear Smart Society.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.