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Über uns

Simpol is an international campaign to solve global problems such as environmental destruction, regulating the economic power of international capital, and delivering social justice around the world. Simpol seeks solutions to problems that individual national governments cannot resolve alone. This is because the problems transcend national boundaries, and because any government that acted alone could make its country uncompetitive.

Simpol is a range of citizen-designed policies to solve global problems and it is to implemented by all or sufficient nations simultaneously. To achieve this, individual citizens around the world are invited to sign on to Simpol, so pressurising their political representatives and governments toward implementing Simpol - by using our right to vote.

All you need to do is sign on to the campaign, which costs you nothing. By doing so you agree to give strong voting preference at national elections to politicians who sign a pledge to implement Simpol, to the probable exclusion of those who don't.

Simpol’s approach is peaceful, open, and democratic. Supporters of Simpol have the opportunity to contribute to the specific policies that answer global problems. And the more people who support Simpol, the sooner their votes will drive politicians of all parties to implement the changes we all want to see.

To see how Simpol works, check out John Bunzl's TEDx presentation 'The Political Prisoner's Dilemma' below.

Simpol offers all global justice organisations an additional way to achieve their aims by offering a means to overcome the key barrier that today prevents governments from implementing global justice policies. This barrier is the need of all governments to keep their national economies internationally competitive and attractive to global markets, investors and corporations. Simpol can help activist organisations to determine which of their demands can be implemented by nations unilaterally and which must be implemented by nations simultaneously via Simpol. In this way, activists gain an additional and powerful means to reach our common objective of a just and peaceful world.