Developmental Action without Borders / Naba’a

1st Floor, Abdul Majid Bazi Building, Saray Street

Ansprechpartner: Qassem Saad

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Über uns

Developmental Action without Borders / Naba'a is a Lebanese organization that works with Palestinian communities in the camps and gatherings in Lebanon, and with Lebanese communities. We work in an integrated way, involving a wide range of individuals and organizations within the community to build a shared approach to achieving our vision, mission and our aims.

Our vision is one those communities have the capacity to be able to take more control of the decisions affecting their lives in a way that is inclusive of all people’s needs.

Our mission is to empower those communities so they uphold the rights of children, and so enable children and young people to play a healthy and active role in their communities.

Our strategic aims:

- We aim to support young children who are most at risk of violence and neglect in the communities to provide them with opportunities to develop their confidence and to grow up in a safer, more inclusive environment.

- We aim to support children and youth who are at risk of dropping out from school and living in particularly hard circumstances, and to help them realize their potential.

-We aim to work with local communities, to build the capacity of those communities to take a more co-ordinated and inclusive approach to participatory decision-making and service provision.

- We aim to influence the decisions of key policy makers and service providers who are responsible towards the Palestinian communities living in Lebanon to uphold the rights of Palestinian children, and to be accountable for providing appropriate services.

Our projects: Schools Without Wall, Child Friendly Environment, Women Empowerment Program, Child Rights program, Youth Empowerment, The Community Development Project (CDP), Learning and Playing Center Project (LPC), Mobile Training and Capacity Building Program, Emergency Project, Child Friendly Project, School without walls, School Improvement for inclusion, Creating vocational opportunities, Communication and Learning Skills, Multipurpose community learning center, Prevention of School dropout Project.

Naba’a Main Programs: Child Rights Program, Education Program, Training and Research Unit Program, Community Development Program, Advocacy Program and Emergency Program

Mr. Qassem Saad is Naba’a Director, Mr. Yasser Dawoud and Mr. Imad Abdel Raziq are the Program Coordinators and Miss Hiba Hamzi is the Fundraising Coordinator of the organization.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, deliver a lecture, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.