SURAJE - Societal Upliftment & Rural Action for Job and Empowerment

At & P.O.- Karghar
821107 Rohtas, Bihar

Ansprechpartner: Thakur Rabindra Nath

+91-6184 -266439.


  • Bildungspolitik/-projekt
  • Frauenpolitik/feministisches Projekt
  • Sozialpolitik/behinderte Menschen
  • Freiwillige Helfer sind willkommen.

Über uns

SURAJE (Societal Upliftment & Rural Action for Job and Empowerment)is an Indian NGO founded in 1985.

Vision: Formation of self governed, self reliant, healthy, literate, & peaceful society.

Mission: To invigorate and upgrade the neglected and down trodden people of the society by awareness generation, organization, education and direct intervention through the process of participatory development and to raise their social, economical, cultural, physical and moral status, so that non is devoid of the main stream of neo construction of the nation.

• To make people aware about their legal rights and morality to live a quality of life and their empowerment.
• To organize down trodden and neglected people especially women in form of SHGs, JLGs and form their clusters and federation.
• To provide education and capacity building of organized people so that they may struggle and act to form a self reliant and self governed society.
• To provide financial and other services for their sustainable and nature friendly development.
• Tp promote community participation in empowering the downtrodden through activities, which are implemented and monitored by the community and also transparent and accountable to it.

• Child Care, Protection & Development Programmes: Early Childhood Care & Protection; School Education to Rural Girls; Action against Child Labour Trafficking & Exploitation
• Targeted Intervention HIV/Aids: Behaviour Change Communication (BCC); Condom Promotion; Sexually Transmitted Infections (STD) Management; Promoting Enabling Environment.
• Health And Hygiene Promotion: Need & Importance/Impacts of Personal Hygiene; Domestic Hygiene focusing peripheral hygiene, its impact on Environment and promoting disease resilience among people; Community level hygiene focusing on reduction of pollution.
• Promotion of People´s Organization: The Village Service Volunteers; Bihar Mahila Maha Sangha (one of the Democratic Set up of organized women In Rohtas district of Bihar)
• Programmes of Self Reliance: SHG Promotion; Micro Credit (Finance); Social Security; Livelihood Promotion (Agro Promotion; Livelihood Related Business/Market Promotion; Market Survey on Trade and Business Prospect with reference to Consumers Choice)
• Environment Protection: The organization had arranged a Rally on Environment Protection with involvement of local people at Karghar.

Thakur Ravindra Nath is the Secretary of SURAJE (Societal Upliftment & Rural Action for Job and Empowerment).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.