New Life Foundation

Berenga, Nath Para, Ex- MLA Complex, Silchar 13
Cachar, Assam, Uttar Krishnapur, (Rahim Dukan)

Ansprechpartner: Kamrul Islam Laskar

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Über uns

New Life Foundation is a non political, non communal and non profit making NGO at the regional level. It is people based and people oriented civil society which has been fighting for eradication of disease of addiction from the society and other vulnerable section of the society.

New Life Foundation was forged with the emblement of like minded volunteers who tried for social development in Silchar region of Assam state. The board members analyzed the severity of the alcoholism and drug addiction in the region that spoiled the health of the alcoholics and drug addicts and left most of the families in poor economic deprivation state. The outcome of the deliberation let them to start up a drug de addiction and rehabilitation centre for addicts/ alcoholics and currently with the local mobilisation the foundation runs the centre.

Vision of New Life Foundation
In solidarity with the communities needs to actualise equity and valued life. New Life Foundation believes in equality of all human beings irrespective of caste creed clan and gender.

Mission of New Life Foundation
The Mission of New Life Foundation is to eradicate the disease of addiction and alcoholism from the society and to provide a better treatment therapy for alcoholics/addicts to lead a complete alcohol/drug free life.

Aim of the Organisation
• To provide medical treatment among addicts and alcoholics by medical professional.
• To provided information of 12 steps of alcoholic anonymous/ narcotics anonymous by class room sessions by experienced counsellor and resource person.
• To provide necessary assistance and guidance to co dependent i.e. family members of alcoholics and drug addicts.
• To provide accomodation including food as when required to addict and alcoholics for proper therapy with the help of experienced persons.
• To arrange field works for addicts, alcoholics and HIV/AIDS patients.
• To apply for appropriate authorities including State & Central Government for granting permission to run fullfledged institution.

Major Activities of the Organisation
• Providing de-addiction council services and care in the rehabilitation centre at New Life Foundation
• Rehabilitated 1200(approx) alcoholic and drug addict through council and referral
• Identifying HIV/ AIDS infected p-erson among drug users referring them to Integrated Council and testing centre.
• Organised sensitisation programmes on HIV/AIDS infection and its prevention
• Organised awareness programmes in the various places of Cachar district on ill effects of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Kamrul Islam Laskar is the Chief Functionary of the New Life Foundation.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.