Kibera Girls Soccer Academy (KGSA)

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Ansprechpartner: Abdul Kassim

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Über uns

Kibera Girls Soccer Academy (KGSA), located in the slums of Kibera, Kenya, was established 2006 as a U.S. based non-profit that works to develop strategies for the long-term sustainability of the school, and to identify individual donors and organizations interested in partnering to promote secondary educational opportunities for our students. Here at KGSA, we work directly with the school's staff in Nairobi, Kenya to provide free, quality education and programming for our students, while raising awareness around the issues of gender inequalities. Apart from the regular high school education the girls at KGSA are provided a meal a day and extra curricular activities designed to provide them with skills after high school that they can use in their day to day lives. KGSA also runs a small micro credit program that seeks to empower the parents and guardians of through start up of little businesses within the slum and its environs.

Here at KGSA, we believe in a holistic approach to education. By combining traditional academic studies, with an artistic and physical component, we are not only challenging our students' minds, but are encouraging the exploration of their own creativity while inspiring confidence in their own bodies. Ultimately, it is our hope that we can empower the young women of KGSA to become leaders within their own communities advocating for a gender equal society

KGSA Clubs & Activities:
• Soccer Program
• Journalism Club: It explores reporting skills, news-writing techniques, and is currently learning how to shoot video and still images.
• Debate Club: A way for our girls to improve in their public speaking abilities, and to encourage them to think critically about issues (early marriage, school dropout, domestic violence, and politics), while learning effective ways to voice those concerns.
• Drama Club: A space that fosters artistic creativity about issues such as AIDS, ethnicity, politics, and religion in a safe, supportive environment.
• Human Rights Club
• Scouting Club: A place to discuss issues like raising the flag, cleaning the school, first aid, behavioral changes, and HIV/AIDS education.
• Christian Union Club
• Young Muslims Club
• Micro-Credit Program: The project began with a training session on the six components of micro-credit essentials for effective running and management of a micro-credit organization, organized by Catholic Relief Services. Following this training, we invited parents of KGSA students to come for an orientation and training session as a way to introduce them to the program as well as a class on basic entrepreneurial skills and how to run a successful business.

Abdul Kassim is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of KGSA.

For other net participants we can deliver a lecture in the field: We can share ideas and start working on free self sustainable education.