Joy for Children-Uganda (JFCU)

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Über uns

Joy for Children-Uganda (JFCU) is a non-profit children´s rights centre and non-governmental (NGO) organization established in Kampala in 2005 to respond to the plight of vulnerable children in Uganda. Dedicated to working with children, families and communities to end injustice to children,
JFCU aims to be a well-connected, well-known children’s rights advocacy and action centre delivering high-impact services for children in Uganda.

Through human-rights-based initiatives designed to meet the needs of children, JFCU addresses issues that have plagued war-ravaged Uganda, such as:
• Violence against children, including neglect, abuse, exploitation and child labour
• Child marriage
• Poor education and illiteracy
• Familial conflict
• Poverty
• Poor health due to HIV/AIDS, malaria and malnutrition
• Sub-standard sanitation, water and food security

Main projects:
• We are supporting and implementing community-based initiatives to prevent violence against children and send more children to school. Our Good School Toolkit, which is being used in more than 450 schools in Uganda, provides teachers with educational and technical assistance to create an optimal, violence-free learning environment.
• In conjunction with our grass-roots Girls Not Brides Empower Project, which aims to end child marriage in Uganda and keep girls in school, we are partnering with more than 15 local and international organizations in a massive public education effort to end child marriage and support girls´ empowerment and equal access to education.
• We are also encouraging economic development in the slums of several Ugandan cities with child education sponsorship, health insurance, savings and credit programmes, and income-generating activities for women.
• We are implementing all of these initiatives by training local government officials to uphold their responsibilities as set forth in the Children´s Act of Uganda, the Ugandan Constitution, and the United Nations Child Rights Convention. We produce community- and school-based events incorporating drama, poetry and music to further public education on issues affecting children.
• We participate in press conferences, media interviews and interactive radio programmes that allow for feedback from the community. And we help to organize local women´s meetings and children’s support groups comprising community leaders, teachers, parents, health practitioners and JFCU staff members.

Ntenga Moses is the Founder and Executive Director of Joy for Children-Uganda (JFCU).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.