Authentic Moves Foundation (AMF)

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Ansprechpartner: Sednam Mensah

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Über uns

The Authentic Moves Foundation (AMF) is a non governmental organization based in Accra/Ghana.

Primarily our vision is to mobilize resources through donors and other organization from all over the world to lead community development projects and advance social programs in the deprived communities, thereby strengthening the less privileged in society, since we share the believe that education is paramount to ending the cycle of poverty. Many of Ghana's rural communities suffer from a high rate of basic literacy, lack of vocational training, poor and unsuitable learning environments, hence the need to assist the Government to educate every child in all the deprived communities in the country.

Our mission is rooted in the believe that if a child gets sound and solid foundation through formal education and vocational training, the child will develop into a responsible human resource that can be tapped for the benefit of society and the nation as a whole. We therefore seek to provide basic education, Secondary and tertiary formal education, vocational training to the needy but brilliant children and the less privileged in society.

We work with children, their families and communities in most deprived communities in Ghana, to ensure these needy children grow up in an environment where they have the opportunity to realize their potentials. We move children potential into family-based care, help keep together families at risk of breakdown due to the pressures of poverty, disease or conflict, and work to prevent child abandonment. The foundation also assists widows by educating and training the widows in most deprived communities in the country to acquire effective trading skills and modern farm practices. We offer financial assistance to start trade on their own so they can take care of themselves.

Generally, our support focuses on the less privileged which includes; the needy children, the orphaned, street children, the single parents and widows in the deprived communities in Ghana to alleviate their plight and enable them secure a better future, by providing basic formal education, vocational training, and computer literacy. We believe that by empowering these children and their families, a bright future is assured and communities will be strengthened. To address their short-term needs we give families food parcels, learning materials, uniforms. We settle their school fees and ensure they have access to health care. Social workers and local volunteers give support, advice and encouragement, helping the beneficiaries to realize their dreams. Our aim is to help beneficiaries become independent and self supporting in the near future by enrolling them in vocational institutions where necessary and enabling to set up small business enterprise initiatives once they are ready.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.