Reforest The Tropics (RTT)

An applied research program demonstrating climate change mitigation through sustainable farm forestry

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Über uns

Reforest The Tropics, Inc. (RTT) is a non-profit organization, established in 1995, committed to the development and demonstration of improved models of pasture reforestation projects in tropical farms that offset US-generated carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. RTT is the link between CO2 emitters and Costa Rican farmers who reforest pastures with funding from the emitter, thereby reducing the total amount of global warming greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Improvements come from special designs and mixtures of tree species that enhance farmer income and the rate of sequestration.

Reforest the Tropics (RTT) has the mission to make a tangible contribution to global sustainability through environmental education and applied research on carbon-offest farm forests in the tropics.

The RTT Model
• Reforest the Tropics (RTT) aims to offset US-generated carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by planting new tropical forests in Costa Rica. With donations from US sponsors, we work with participating Costa Rican farmers to reforest tropical pastures, sequester carbon, and reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases.
• RTT reforests tropical pastures with tree species that grow quickly, form straight trees, and produce valuable lumber. RTT´s managed forests are designed to be profitable for farmers and highly effective at sequestering CO2 emissions.
• The Cafeteria for Fauna Project: RTT designs its carbon-offset forests to be wildlife-friendly, providing food and shelter for wildlife.
• Production of Valuable Wood: An important aspect of the sustainability of RTT´s forests is their ability to generate wealth for the farmers on whose pastures the forests are planted.
• Food Production for Workers: Another goal in designing RTT forests is the production of food for workers.

Herster Barres is the Director of Reforest The Tropics, Inc. (RTT).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.