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Über uns

Earth Train is a U.S.-federally-tax-exempt and not-for-profit international organization with bases in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the Republic of Panama whose mission is to support the growth of leadership in a new generation with a focus on environmental and cultural renewal.

Earth Train was started in 1990 with the purpose of providing young people with the skills, practical experience, and global network of support they need to develop into effective leaders in fields contributing to the global quality of life. Starting in 2001, Earth Train concentrated on establishing a permanent international base in the Republic of Panama, where a group of Earth Train staff and teams of young volunteers built Centro Mamoní on the southwest border of the Kuna Yala.

Earth Train encourages the development and training of new leaders, networks, and tools to ensure future generations understand the links between nature and culture and the interrelationships between humans and the environment. Earth Train accomplishes its mission through training, mentoring, and education

Our Progress
Earth Train works to achieve its goals and serve its mission through providing educational programs for students and adults from Panama and around the world; prioritizing conservation, preservation, and restoration of our natural resources; and creating opportunities for youth to participate in and contribute to cutting edge research, program development, scientific achievement.
• The Mamoni Valley Preserve was created by a partnership between Earth Train and Rainforest Capital. Earth Train manages the land inside the Preserve
• Junglewood is a new artistic community and performance art center that´s currently in its planning and early construction stages at the edge of the Mamoní Valley Preserve. It was established with the mission of providing settings and programs rich in biological and cultural diversity and conducive to artistic expression in creative harmony with nature.
• Education: One of Earth Train´s goals for the Mamoní Valley Preserve is to provide facilities and curricula for undergraduate classes in Restoration Ecology, Conservation Biology, General Ecology, Environmental Policy, Sustainable Development, and Music.
• Research: We´ve prioritized research initiatives in the preserve and have formed a few interesting scientific collaborations as a result.
• Cartography: Earth Train has initiated numerous cartographic projects, including legal titling of settlers´ private property within the Mamoní Valley, detailed topographic mapping of the Preserve with the help of the California Academy of Sciences, and - an exciting project still in development - detailed Google mapping of the Preserve using a drone airplane and Google´s patented software.
• The Kuna Coast and Forest Guard (KCFG), based at Earth Train´s facilities in the Mamoní Valley Preserve, is a river-and-sea kayak adventure company dedicated to the protection of Kuna territories (comarcas) and the promotion of career and leadership opportunities for Kuna youth: Kuna eco-adventure in the service of environmental protection and youth training.

Nathan Gray is the Co-Executive Director and Founder of Earth Train.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.