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Joint Media Engagement Using Television in Raising Awareness of COVID-19 and the Need for Accelerated WASH Services in Sierra Leone.

In the course of the media engagement intervention, five prime programs were undertaken, bring on board a range of sector stakeholders from across government, civil society, and utilities. At this very critical moment in the country’s public health system in the midst of COVID-19, people everywhere regardless of social status are doing exactly the same thing to protect themselves and their loved ones from this global pandemic — turning on their radio and for some, television sets.
The same is true for hundreds of thousands of poor and communities for which radio is a vital part of their lifeline. For so many, radio is their only source of information. This media program was able to utilize highly-listened radio stations with wider coverage in reaching those vulnerable communities whose most available means of information access

Über uns

The Youth Partnership for Peace and Development (YPPD) is a youth empowerment think tank that was established in August of 2005 to enhance the capacity of young people and their communities, as well as the creation of open societies that promote sustainable development. Since its establishment in Sierra Leone, the organization has been able to increase young people’s understanding to finding practical approaches to building wholesomely functioning societies that promote peace and mutual co-existence while deepening voices and actions which demands equity and accountability for all. It maintains the view that young people can be agents of positive change and works for ways of enabling youth to step forward for social transformation.
The overarching goal of YPPD is to contribute to the endeavors of supporting youth development, peaceful conflict resolution, stability, sustainable development, peace, and democracy in Sierra Leone. It works to increase the capacity of vulnerable groups through training, partnership, advocacy, enhancing the youth knowledge base, and equipping them with livelihood skills. It is a platform for diverse kinds of actions committed to engaging key stakeholders at different levels of development across the country.
YPPD’s work is inspired by the daily struggles of our communities and the enormous opportunity that exists in collaboratively working with others in the search for sustainable solutions.

YPPD envisions a society where young people regardless of their social status are empowered and capable enough to lead, participate and influence in order to gain access to equal opportunities as stakeholders across all sectors of mainstream development.

YPPD’s mission is to build capacities and empower young people together with their communities in overcoming exclusions and poverty for transformation and sustainable development. We will work with others as partners to ignite, inspire, influence, and transform systems and structures which hold back development.

We very much look forward to receiving volunteers to Sierra Leone as part of our Volunteers for Development initiative which enables joint learning and problem-solving across communities that we serve. Do you have a partnership opportunity? Please feel free to get in touch so we optimize the impact together.

YPPD District Youth Coordination Meeting
School support program
Mudslide emergency response planning meeting at YPPD