Youth Partnership for Peace and Development (YPPD)

1st Floor, 18 Priscilla Street
Sierra Leone

Ansprechpartner: Ibrahim Bayoh

+232 78 198224; +23276307651


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Über uns

The Youth Partnership for Peace and Development (YPPD) is a voluntary and non-profit youth-led development organisation working directly with development partners across the world. Established as a post-conflict initiative in 2005, the organisation is staffed by a group of young proactive youths.

Its mission is to advocate, inform, involve, inspire and celebrate social change led by and for youths through a multifaceted approach. It connects with organizations and individuals with a view to supporting young people, and build alliances between youth groups, developing and empowering the marginalized and vulnerable youth of Sierra Leone.

The overarching goal of YPPD is to contribute to the endeavors of supporting youth development, peaceful conflict resolution, stability, sustainable development, peace and democracy in Sierra Leone.
It works to increase the capacity of vulnerable groups through training, partnership, advocacy, enhacing the youth knowledge base and equipping them with livelihood skills.
It is a platform for diverse kinds of actions committed to engaging key stakeholders at different levels of development across the country.

The organisation´s strategic programme areas include
• youth enterprise development,
• access to justice,
• gender empowerment through education and training geared towards increasing youth capacity and knowledge in enjoyment of their human rights, fundamental freedoms and participation in decision-making processes that affect their lives.

This has subsequently made the organisation one of the fastest growing youth organisations in Sierra Leone, with a growing international membership of more than 250 young people the world over through the web-based social network called "YPPD YOUTH NETWORK".

Programme Areas
• ICT Empowerment: Youth Empowerment through Information and Communication Technologies
• Youth Participation: In acknowledging young people as trusted partners in development, as well as people with the right to life and wellbeing, we respond to the call for our youth-focused programs to address the global agenda of poverty alleviation, climate change and HIV/AIDS.
• Youth Enterprise Development: YPPD contributes to promoting sustainable livelihoods for youths as a strategy for poverty reduction and enhancement of living standards through youth skill and enterprise development and advocacy and lobbying with key actors for the progressive creation of the requisite policy and institutional frameworks for the realisation of this goal.
• Youth Networks and Governance: We work to promote justice for children and women who are among the most vulnerable in Sierra Leone, and to strengthen the effectiveness of institutions of accountability through monitoring and reporting on their activities.
• Youth Education and Training: The idea of an educational program is to address the educational difficulties and deficiencies of young people in terms of enabling them make the meaningful changes they need within their communities.

Youth Partnership for Peace and Development offers wide range of volunteer opportunities in the fields of water and sanitation, health, livelihoods, education, peacebuilding and more in Sierra Leone.

Musa Ansumana Soko is the Executive Coordinator and Ibrahim Bayoh is the Manager of Youth Partnership for Peace and Development (YPPD).

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.