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Über uns

Elephant Highway is a non-profit organization, founded in 2012, that raises awareness of the plight of elephants and, through the sale of unique merchandise, raises funds to support organizations that protect endangered elephants.

Each year, thousands of African elephants are killed by poachers for their ivory tusks. We must stop the madness – and that´s what Elephant Highway is all about. We founded Elephant Highway shortly after our return from Africa. As two teenagers (a fifteen and a sixteen year old) it wasn´t easy to get a non-profit organization started, but we were determined to stand with the elephants.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the plight of African elephants who are murdered in ever increasing numbers by poachers looking to sell the elephants´ ivory tusks. In addition to raising awareness of this horrible situation, Elephant Highway also works to raise funds to support the efforts of anti-poaching organizations and on the ground elephant conservation.

Our Approach
• By speaking at schools and various events, through the use of social media, and by promoting our message on the t-shirts and merchandise we sell, we are raising awareness of the threat elephants face from poachers. All of the profits from the sale of Elephant Highway merchandise go directly to organizations that work in the field to protect elephants from poachers.
• Elephant Highway also raises funds to support elephant conservation, and works with four partner organizations in Africa.
• In addition, we support local artists who work and live in regions of the globe where elephant poaching is prevalent. By supporting these men and women, we are directly helping the economies of isolated villages where many impoverished people resort to poaching as a means of getting money. We also do our best to educate the artists that we work with about the important role elephants play in the ecosystems that they live in. One individual can have a tremendous affect on his or her community - and by educating a single person, we are changing the way an entire group of people sees a truly extraordinary endangered species.

Josh Kauderer is a Co-Founder of Elephant Highway .

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