Centre for Tribals and Rural Development Trust (CTRD Trust)

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643220 Tamil Nadu

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Über uns

The Centre for Tribals and Rural Development Trust (CTRD Trust) is a voluntary organisation established in 1988. We currently work on projects and programmes aimed at promoting and strengthening the livelihood, welfare and development of the poor tribal and rural communities of the Nilgiri District. This involves organising them, enhancing their capabilities, introducing new ways of improving their income and linking them to banks, markets and other health, welfare and economic services. Experienced professional teams based in the field use their skills and knowledge to alleviate poverty by working directly with these communities. The Trust was established with the objective of raising their socio-economic conditions and helping them overcome the grip of poverty and ignorance.

The Mission of the organization is to promote of livelihoods for improved standard of living of the tribal families and other local communities through establishing self- reliant and self- sufficient with their full participation and cooperation.
Our mission is to give tribal and rural communities the right tools and knowledge to help themselves. The focus is on comprehensive and inclusive health, education and livelihood training to promote sustainable economic wellbeing, equality and basic human rights for all, regardless of gender, age and ability.

We envision empowered and self-reliant tribal and rural communities with improved socio-economic conditions that do not damage their cultural and environmental identity.

Social Inclusion Program:
• To have a thorough understanding of the economic status of people with Disabilities, specifically Visual Impaired and plan cost effective and sustainable collective income generation activity.
• To ensure collectivization and skill & capacity building of PWDs to systematically venture collective livelihood action.
• To enhance family income of person with Disabilities especially visually impaired person who belong to economically backward sections through their engagement in group micro enterprise ventures.
• To establish group enterprise as a viable solution to promote social inclusion of PWDs, specially visually impaired ensuring economic empowerment, self- esteem and enhanced social position and to facilitate enabling community and policy environment.
Promotion of Renewable Energy by community led installation of Biogas Units:
• CTRD had strived to wean away indigenous and general disadvantaged women from work drudgery by facilitating households gained Biogas Units resulted in low health risks and the use of renewable energy resources
Self Help Group formation and strengthening and Micro Credit Program:
• So far, CTRD had facilitated the formation and strengthening of over 2540 Self Help Groups
Comprehensive Micro Credit Management Program well underway with number of choice-based training and orientation
Organic Tea Cultivation Project:
• The project introduced among the tribal farmers to adapt the organic cultivation to protect the health and environment.
Disaster Management and First Aid Awareness Programs:
• CTRD Trust has taken the steps to form Disaster Management Committee and providing various First Aid trainings to secure the most risk villages.
Rural Livelihood Improvement Program for Disabilities and Vulnerable:
• Disability and Vulnerable are more disadvantaged and this program assists them to improve their standard of life and livelihoods through strengthening the groups and acquiring benefits and services

RS. Ranganathen is the Executive Director of the Centre for Tribals and Rural Development Trust (CTRD Trust).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.