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Über uns

ShineBean, a humanitarian and development organization, was founded on the 18th of December 2007. ShineBean takes full advantage of all our key competencies in the achievement of our goals (Ex. A well-motivated team with experience in the fields of production, international business, education, leadership, and the implementation of social and development projects). Workers of ShineBean manage a wide network of contacts in the business sphere and in poor communities. ShineBean cooperates with a range of commercial companies and noncommercial organizations, with which we share the same values and goals. ShineBean takes advantage of innovative methods and we make every effort to administer our organization at the highest possible professional level.

As an organization, ShineBean is focused on reducing poverty in developing countries. Our main target group is the people affected by poverty – children and the youth, the guardians of orphans, unemployed people, and other members of poor communities. We also seek to support those who are initiating and leading social programs in poor communities.

ShineBean would like to help those in poor communities to change the way they think, to find a new outlook on their lives, and to discover possibilities that they didn´t see before. It is not our intention to lead people to our way of thinking and to our cultural values; instead, to lead them to a place where they can see a different reality and a hope for the future. ShineBean does not want to facilitate dependence on outside help. Rather, we would like to encourage the ideas of efficiency and multiplication within each community. Unfair pricing and the abuse or mismanagement of money are practices that are unacceptable to ShineBean. We are respectful of ethical and moral values.

In 2006 we start working with people in the slums and remote villages in Kenya. Our projects are focused on the education and support of children and adults and on social and economic development in impoverished communities.

• Give an Opportunity: This project motivates the unemployed in Kenya to find their own possibilities, teaches them how to use them through self-help groups and microfinance. Microloans also enable them to start their own businesses. Thanks to this, they have the opportunity to work where they live, support their own children, live a normal life and become independent of outside help.
• Open School: The aim of the project is to break the barriers on the children’s paths to a higher-quality education. The project will enable children from poor families to access education. It will also increase the quality of education for all the children in the given school. We will educate the teachers, provide textbooks and school supplies. Together with the pedagogues, we will prepare a space for doing homework and tutoring. In this way, we will create suitable conditions for raising the quality of education for all the children in the school. The tuition fees and costs of food will be paid for the children who are threatened most by poverty.

Iva Šimralová Haidlová is a Project Coordinator of ShineBean.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.