Global Youth Cultural & Exchange Educational Travel

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Accra-North, Accra, West Africa

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Über uns

Global Youth Cultural & Exchange Educational Travel is a non-profit making organization. It is a broad-based coalition of youthful developers with various educational programs and activities. It is a major player in the human resource volunteering and personality development working around the globe. Its network aims at making Africa a continent, a better place to live in.

The aim of the worldwide volunteering organization is, to make it easier for young people and others to be volunteers. Its program is a three-way phenomenon, that marks well for everyone - volunteers, the organizations and individuals they help and ultimately society as a whole.

Its vision discovers the potentials of the continent, its pro-activity that enhances the quality of life and improves the perspectives of the African youth and its culture. It seeks to unearth talents in people from every sphere of life and bring to light the literary works of people from all the regions of Africa and the world over.

The main objective is to provide the youth of today with the opportunity of expressing their intelligence and talents in international educational and inter cultural exchange programs. It believes the only way to promote a peaceful world, is by understanding each other and learning from other cultures. All its programs are comprehensive, artful and above all objective in scope.


- to provide a forum for the youth to interact on sound Christian issues and serve as a social & moral platform of common concern among their peers and society at large,
- to encourage volunteer work which will enhance its potential for Godly living, which will propagate the exclusiveness of the African and the good cultural values.

Its programs are "Helping young people in crisis", "Youth interactive class for teenagers at risk" and "Voluntary Program", that offers opportunities to young people or interested groups between 18 - 27 years all over the world to spend 3 - 12 months with a family or host project and be involved in voluntary services. The organization wants to identify and educate a greater number of children in need and still maintain a close personal relationship with each child. It plans to establish a scheme so as to encourage fostering for homeless children as well as to provide health care and income generating training for those children.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, offer an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.