Deenabandhu Trust

Help a child to reach the sky

PWD Colony, Behind Forest Nursery
571313 Chamarajnagara

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Über uns

Deenabandhu is a charitable Non-Profit Organization founded in 1992 and located in Chamarajnagar. Deenabandhu works towards the education and rehabilitation of orphan, destitute and estranged children. Chamarajnagar is a border district of Karnataka abutting Kerala and Tamilnadu states and is one of the economically very backward districts.

Deenabandhu has a vision of a world without borders where every child is educated and empowered and realises his/her inner strength and thus develops a positive self image and self-esteem which makes him/her a socially productive and responsible citizen.

• rehabilitates orphaned, estranged children and provides them with a loving home
• ensures the children learn life orientated vocational skills so they may become economically self sufficient
• encourages the development of their personality and a respect for their culture through art and music

• Deenabandhu Children´s Home for Boys: The planned strength of the boys´ home is 45 boys housed in 4 individual cottages under the care of a house mother/father. In addition to this there is spacious dinning hall, administrative block and kitchen. There is enough space for kitchen garden and children grow a variety of vegetables and fruits.
• Deenabandhu Children´s Home for Girls: The girls´ home is located close to Deenabandhu primary school and is placed about half a kilometer away from boys´ home. It is a composite eco friendly building called ´Green Home For Girls´. There are four cottages each to house 10 girls, dinning hall and kitchen facility.
• Deenabandhu Primary School: The trust also runs a primary school for children from nearby villages and provides highly subsidized education for children from marginalized communities.
• Scholarship Program: The scholarship operates among the selected rural government highschools from all over Karnataka. Poor students who have scored highest marks in 10th standard are selected by the respective highschool headmasters and are recommended for scholarship. These students receive scholarship support in four installments for continuing college education.
• Rural Development through Self Help Group for women: Currently there are 50 SHG formed in the cluster of villages around Chamarajnagar town. Apart from the thrift activities women are given awareness with regard to health, hygiene, sanitation and about the importance of greening the villages. Under this program decentralized nursery of saplings of various trees were raised and was disseminated among the villagers.
• Deenabandhu has also established a Teacher Resource Center which provides sustainable support for professional development of government primary school teachers.
• Up-coming projects: We are coming with a training and production center for the rehabilitation of the girls. The girls will be trained in tailoring and also in making of aqua-friendly, bio-degradable cups and plates from the leaves.

Prajna N S is the Administrator of Deenabandhu Trust.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.