Muungano Development Gateway (MDG)

PO Box 861
50400 Busia

Ansprechpartner: Chrisphine Ochieng Okumu

+254 729049433


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Über uns

MUUNGANO DEVELOPMENT GATEWAYS (MDG) is a non-profit and non governmental organization that provides voluntary services to marginalized communities in rural areas of Kenya. The voluntary service gives the opportunity to work and attain local and world peace in every personal way, by demonstrating a commitment to the society of humankind.

Its main purpose is to promote peace, understanding, justice, development and information exchange among Kenyans and within the international community. For this purpose the association recruits young men and women from diverse ethnic, national and educational backgrounds around the world, to facilitate participatory development education among marginalized community groups to become self-reliant.

MDG aims:
• to promote international volunteering cooperation, solidarity and intercultural understanding between Africa and other region of the world.
• to promote education and awareness activities, a deeper understanding between Africa and other region of the world.
• to work for fair and equitable relation, based on mutual respect of people and culture between Africa and other region of the world.

MDG objectives:
• Afford voluntary service opportunity to young people
• Mobilize community to action and to empower communities to participate in decision that touch their well being.
• Supplement formal education with experiential learning.
• Create awareness among Kenyan communities about development issues and to initiate programs that reduces poverty among the society.
• Foster global peace, solidarity, friendship and understanding.
• Mobilize all purpose resources to promote grassroots development.

MDG programs are multi-faceted, encompassing the wider development spectrum and networks with other service provides to enhance institutional impact without duplication of resources.
• Health
• Poverty alleviation
• Human rights, peace and governance
• Talent and capacity building
• Environmental conservation
• Food security
• Girl child empowerment and education

Chrisphine Okumu is the Executive Director of MDG.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, deliver a lecture, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work. MDG offers short and long term projects.

Environment conservation project in Siaya Samanga.
Women empowerment and micro credit project in Busia county.
Orphans supprt program in Siguli orphanage.