Hope for Orphans and Rural Development (HORD)

Mbogo Village Urban Council, Kawempe Ward Urban Council, Juniors Primary school - Kawempe
1805 Kampala

Ansprechpartner: Omara Moses

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Über uns

Hope for Orphans and Rural Development (HORD) is a non-profit Community Based Organisation registered in Kawempe Uganda and formed in 2010 by people who suffered as orphans experiencing the difficulties that orphans face therefore, deciding to intervene to make orphans have equal rights and opportunities.

Our aim is to change lives of poor abandoned and orphaned children by educating, sheltering and feeding them.

As adults who were once orphans, the founders of Hope for Orphans and Rural Development (HORD) decided to create a real and sustainable solution for these orphans in Uganda. HORD Kampala has created a home to care for their personal and spiritual needs as well as established a school to ensure that they are educated and able to prosper as an adult. We hope to eventually extend these services to children in the Amolatar District of Northern Uganda.
Our school is also open to the local community of Kawempe and we currently have 200 children between the ages of 3 to 15 years across 9 classes. We actively seek to ensure the continued education of females and refugee students who historically have a high drop out rate therefore, doing our part to break the cycle of poverty.

• Increasing literacy rates
• Offering vocational training after they complete their schooling to ensure they are able to secure a job as well as create jobs through entrepreneurship
• Teach discipline & active citizenship so they grow up to become responsible and engaged adults
• Offering counseling services to orphaned & vulnerable children who often come from traumatic situations of loss, war & other tragedies
• Giving them a home & a safe place to be children
• Provide them with nutritious food so that they are able to physically and mentally thrive

• Projects include flower and pine seedling growing for sale, chicken coop for egg laying.
• Long term, HORD seeks to construct an orphanage in the Amolotar region of Uganda as well as an English instruction school.

Future Projects:
• Construction of Educational Centre (orphanage School – Primary schools)
• Construction of health centre for orphans in the communities
• Distributing and planting trees to communities and schools to preserve the environment.

Omara Moses is the Founder and Director of Hope for Orphans and Rural Development (HORD).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.