Erick Memorial Foundation for Education and Rehabilitation for Disabled (EMFERD)

P.O.BOX 2016

Ansprechpartner: Mama Josephine Bakhita

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Über uns

Erick Memorial Foundation for Education and Rehabilitation for Disabled (EMFERD), is a registered NGO to operate within Tanzania Mainland, which is non for profit, non religious, and gender free organization; The inspiration to establish Erick Memorial Foundation was started in 2003, after the death of Erick Samamkalami, the son of founder Mama Bahkita, who had multiple disabilities caused by Cerebral Palsy and Meningitis fever. EMFERD is devoted, dedicated and committed to provide quality service to people with disabilities.
The Organization is aiming at offering support in terms of quality education, health, rehabilitation and general welfare of persons with disabilities, and that their rights are respected in and outside Tanzania.

The vision and mission of the organization is to equip both the physical and intellectual disabled with the quality education, health, as well as offering them pastoral care and rehabilitation according to their respective disabilities. The services are led by passionate and devoted staff and volunteers who strive to offer the quality services to this vulnerable group.
The main service given to these children is:
• Education; so that they can manage to do most of the things by themselves – to reduce dependant to parents ( Mothers), who live with the burden of caring for life long.
• Rehabilitation: In need of physical rehabilitation (Orthopedic), the parents are given simple training on how to exercise their children in the homes and how they can make simple local physiotherapy equipment for exercise.
• Health: Those families who are living under poverty line are assisted with medical treatment when their faced with diseases. Those in need of surgical rehabilitation are referred to consultant hospital for people with disabilities.
• Empowerment: We empower the families of disabled (parents and guardians) so that they can manage to improve their economy to change their living standard. The parents are organized to form parents groups of disabled support so that they can support themselves, by doing different income generating activities.

EMFERD is looking to launch an awareness campaign aimed at supporting the rights and dignity of people with disabilities in Morogoro, Tanzania. They are also looking for volunteers to help them with their income generating activities and other exciting programs.

Mama Josephine Bakhita is one of the founder member of the organization and Chief Advisor of Erick Memorial Foundation for Education and Rehabilitation for Disabled (EMFERD).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.