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Über uns

The HoPe Foundation, founded in 1991 in Peru, strives to give highland Indians the opportunity to empower themselves to improve their own standards of living. HoPe only begins projects if the community so desires and if they participate to the fullest extent possible. It is essential that the Peruvian authorities become involved in the execution of the projects and that what is achieved is self-maintained by the community when the project is complete.

Stichting HoPe Nederland (HoPe Foundation The Netherlands), founded 2002, is responsible for generating and maintaining funds and supplying a cash-flow to the organization in Peru.

HoPe´s various projects help the highland Indians take their destiny into their own hands. The emphasis of our projects is on education. HoPe is in several ways active in the Peruvian Health Care and runs also some social projects.
• Elementary School: HoPe improves preschool and elementary education in the mountain villages by providing decent school buildings and classroom furniture, adapted materials and techniques, and further education for the teachers.
• High school: The school teaches the students skills with which they can improve their local standard of living. Classes in agriculture are offered and the students can also learn arts and crafts. The high school has seven greenhouses with which the school stimulates innovation in agricultural techniques.
• Teachers education: Training of the teachers. The education personnel from the various schools convene one Saturday per month. Under the guidance of education specialists, topics such as pedagogic, sociology, and development psychology are addressed. In addition, attention is given to recreational activities, First Aid techniques, and the adaptation of school materials to fit the needs of the Indian students.
• Mental healthcare: "Salud Mental" is a psychiatric institute in a suburb of Cusco. Since 2002 HoPe takes care of the creative therapy for approximately 200 patients.
• Burn victim unit: HoPe runs a recreational program for the cildren of this ward and a physiotherapy program.
• Medical post Patacancha: The little village in the mountains, Patacancha - a 2.5 hours drive from Cusco - has a Medical Post. This post is close to the High School that also has been set up with the Support of Hope. As people in this area needed to walk for hours to get medical help, this post is of vital importance.
• Incidental support: HoPe also supports patients who cannot afford regular healthcare.
• Youth Groups: the foundation has set up a couple of groups in the slums of Cusco and in the little town of Racchi. Each Sunday more than 150 children and young people gather in different groups. They prepare theatrical perfomances, dances, songs, play and sports to learn to stand up for oneselves.
• Women Groups: The women learned to sew and knit, but they also organized informational gatherings regarding women´s issues, domestic violence, family planning, alcohol abuse, etc..

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.