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Über uns

Karm Marg is an Indian non-governmental organization founded in 1997 and committed to the cause of supporting disadvantaged children and young adults. Karm Marg, literally meaning the ´Path of Work and Action´. As the name suggests, the driving force behind Karm Marg´s functioning has been the desire to teach disadvataged kids and youngsters by our own example to be self-sustaining. To instil in them a sense of self-worth and dignity of labour. At Karm Marg, we practice and preach inclusion, acceptance and harmony with mankind, animals and nature.

KarmMarg is essentially a home for children, one that provides them a safe refuge, a family-like atmosphere and opportunities for education, skill development and employment.
Our main spheres of work are:
• The running of the home, maintaining a safe environment and providing hygienic facilities to an average of 60 children of all ages, including six special children.
• Providing skills and income generation programmes for the children and alumni of KarmMarg, as well as for the women who live in villages nearby.
• Conducting training programmes for other NGOs. In the past, KarmMarg has provided training in stitching, recycling cotton textiles and stationery production.
• Conducting and participating in programmes that sensitize people to issues relating to children at risk.

Jugaad is the nerve centre of Karm Marg. Jugaad is also the vocational training and income generation arm of Karm Marg. At Jugaad, the young adult trainees, alumni of Karm Marg and the rural women from surrounding areas train and work together to create bags, wallets, stationery and more using discarded and waste materials. While they handle most aspects of production and design, senior members of the Karm Marg team look after the marketing aspect. The profits from Jugaad currently fund nearly 50% of Karm Marg’s activities.

• Knowledge & Education: Formal education in schools for children already in the mainstream education system; Open schooling for children who, for various reasons, are unable to attend formal school; Non-formal educationfor children who are over age, academically weak, disturbed, resistant to the idea of formal schooling or have language problems; Education for children with special needs; Practical skills training and on-the-job learning offered by Jugaad
• Health & Counselling: Our focus is, as always, on preventive measures. Periodically, health awareness workshops and sessions are organized for the children and young adults at home and for rural women and teenagers. The topics vary vastly, ranging from HIV, AIDS and Tuberculosis to personal hygiene, sex education and healthy eating habits. Further, we continuously educate children about healthy eating habits and food hygiene.
• Organic agriculture & Bio-diversity: The need to be self-sufficient led us to develop our own vegetable garden in Karm Gaon. Our children play an active role in growing food for their own tables, something which teaches them about their environment and the importance of nurturing it.
• Skills training & Empowerment: Empowerment through vocational skills lies at the very heart of KarmMarg´s philosophy. Most of this training occurs in-house, through Jugaad. These include Paper bag making; Screen printing; Tailoring and stitching; Stationery; Making jewelry.
• Creativity & Expression: All children here are encouraged to give expression to their creative urges, be they in art, music, dance, drama or writing.

Veena Lal is the Founder President of Karm Marg and Jugaad.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.