Shehri Ijtamai Tarqiati Council (SHATAC)

50400 Mandi Baha Ud Din

Ansprechpartner: Abdul Hameed Blund

+92 546 507544
+92 546 504755


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Über uns

Shehri Ijtamai Tarqiati Council (SHATAC) was established in 1959. It works as Non Government Organization (NGO) and Non Profit Organization (NPO) as well on the non-sectarian, non political and welfare basis. Health, education and poverty alleviation are the thematic areas. Funding comes from charity, alms, public donation, grants, membership fees and services etc.

Health services covers education, clinical laboratory, ambulance services, maternity home, free dispensary, welfare pharmacy, with central oxygen supply, airconditioning and incineration plant. Education sectar has a library, help to student and loan to students for higher study. Poverty Alleviation covers monthly stipend, with a number of facalities.

Its objectives are:

- to make an endeavor to better social and economic conditions of poor, handicapped, widows, orphans, promising students and helpless patients. Provide them suitable aid to develop self-relience so that they may be able to maintain themselves,
- to give co-operation to Government, Semi Government, Non Government Organization and Private Departments and acquire from them the technical guidance and other facilities, to persuade a maximum number of people of the area for co-operation in the programs of the council,
- try to eradicate all social evils and useless customs,
- to facilitate illiterate men and women with basic education,
- to arrange for the youth and the children healthy recreation and pursuits.

Abdul Hameed Blund is the president of SHATAC.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities and procure expert information in the field of our work.