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Ansprechpartner: Alison Wright

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Über uns

The Faces of Hope Fund (FOH) is an established non-profit that globally supports women and children´s rights by creating visual awareness and donating directly to grass-roots organizations that help sustain them.

The Faces of Hope Fund was started by Alison Wright, a world-renowned freelance photojournalist who has spent a career creating impactful images of both astonishing beauty and terrible human suffering. The Faces of Hope Fund was inspired by Alison´s personal story and goal: to return to the small village in Laos to thank the locals who saved her life after surviving a devastating bus accident on remote jungle road in Laos.

The fund was created as a way for Alison to do more for the people and communities that she encounters through her photojournalism work because sometimes making a photo simply doesn´t feel like enough. Past campaigns have focused on a tangible humanitarian need that moved her heart in those communities – tents for refugees in Haiti, funding for a mobile medical unit for Burmese refugees, piglets for families in Nepal to enable them to survive without selling their daughters into sex trafficking.

Campaigns and projects:
• Burmese Refugees in Thailand: Funds are still needed for a mobile medical unit that can visit and provide basic healthcare to Burmese migrant workers.
• Tents for Haiti: Resiliency and tenacity in the face of disaster.
• Sending Girls to School in India: Girls First! is an innovative program of the NGO CorStone that will directly impact the health, education, and employability of 50,000 high-poverty girls in urban Indian slums.
• Rehabilitation Clinic (The ALYN Woldenberg Family Hospital) in Israel: Healing children of all faces
• Laos Health Clinic: The initial project of the Faces of Hope fund was to partner with the non-profit organization Doctor to Doctor to help deliver medical supplies to the Kasi Clinic in Laos.
• Nepal Youth Opportunity Foundation: We worked with Olga Murray´s Nepal Youth Opportunity Foundation to raise funds to liberate Nepalese girls from indentured servitude.
• Machik: Bridging the Cultural Gap in Tibet: Strengthening communities on the Tibetan plateau.

Alison Wright is the Founder of Faces of Hope Fund (FOH).

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