Neuras: N/a`an ku sê Wine and Wildlife Estate

80km from Sossusvlei

Ansprechpartner: Dawie and Christa Minnaar

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Über uns

Neuras: N/a`an ku sê Wine and Wildlife Estate is an oasis on the edge of the desert and unique in the world for its combination of wine production and landscape conservation.
N/a´an ku sê Foundation, founded in 2006 with two aims – to protect and conserve Namibia’s vulnerable wildlife and to improve the lives of the marginalised San Bushman community. Early 2012 the sale of the farm went through and the N/a`an ku sê group is now the proud owners of Neuras.N/a`an ku sê follows in the footsteps of Allan and Sylvia Walkden-Davies who rehabilitated the land to produce exceptional quality vines and in the hands of a new team, Neuras now serves a further purpose – conservation and protection of wildlife.
Neuras: N/a`an ku sê Wine and Wildlife Estate, is ideal for wildlife enthusiasts, geologists, hikers, wine connoisseurs, or those looking to get away from it all and absorb the tranquil seclusion and peacefulness of nature

Ancient canyons, fascinating geological formations and five natural fountains make this release site an unbelievable oasis in the middle of the Namib Desert.
Neuras is where wine supports conservation - all profits from wine sales and tourism go directly towards N/a`an ku sê`s charitable projects, protecting and conserving threatened carnivores.
Neuras is strategically situated in conservation terms, on the edge of the pro-namib, Neuras is in close proximity to other conservation areas such as Namibrand Nature Reserve, Neuhoff Reserve, Wilderness Safari`s Kulala Reserve and the Namib Naukluft Park, actually bordering the park on the Naukluft Mountain range.

With land use in the area mainly for tourism, the human wildlife conflict risk is very low, and N/a`an ku sê envisions reintroducing wildlife species that previously occurred in the area. Restoring the natural fauna and flora is of the highest priority for N/a`an ku sê and with our team of qualified biologists under the leadership of Florian Weise the N/a`an kus ê team has been working on a long term restoration and conservation plan for Neuras.

• N/a`an ku sê believes that conservation can be sustained through tourism at Neuras and the combination of wine tourism, low impact eco tourism and volunteer tourism can help rehabilitate this beautiful piece of land and restore it to it`s former glory.
• Daily monitoring of released carnivores and wildlife in the area takes place through telemetry, camera trapping, spoor counts and direct observation, a dedicated team works in close relationship with 2 other N/a`ankusê teams, one based at the Namib Conservation Centre at Solitaire Guest Farm Desert Ranch and one based in the south of the Namibrand Nature Reserve.
• As a Volunteer, a stay at Neuras will mean an active participation in our conservation efforts to restore the land to its original beauty, track wild carnivores and research free-roaming wildlife, and at the right time of the year you can even help out in our vineyard producing the world`s driest wine.

Dawie & Christa Minnaar are the Managers of Neuras: N/a`an ku sê Wine and Wildlife Estate.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff.